Sunday, 18 January 2009

Kuala Terengganu And Politics

So UMNO got resoundly thrashed again.

After 51 slothful years of apathy and indifference, UMNO (and by extension, Barisan Nasional) is not quick to learn its lessons.

Instead of ditching its old policy of divide the races and conquer - which, evidently has not gone down so well with Malaysian citizens of late - it has continued to perpetuate it.

It has insulted the citizens of Kuala Terengganu by pulling every trick in the book. By offering journalists money. By giving free food, lucky draws and offering other enticements to potential voters. All at the taxpayers' expense, of course.

It didn't work.

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

When it comes to UMNO, I believe in that saying. Which is why we need to retire the old dog to green pastures (and I'm being kind here), far away so it can do no more harm.

The by-elections in Kuala Terengganu was a step towards that.

I think the good citizens of Malaysia have finally come to realise that once the administration of a government goes wrong, the people who can afford to, will migrate elsewhere.

When the brain-drain occurs, there is only is much development that can happen.

For one, it will cost more to get foreign expertise. Subsequently, higher expenditure from hiring too many foreigners (and it doesn't matter whether they come from India, Europe or America) will result in either higher taxes or poor amenities and infrastructure, which affects citizens directly.

If you have no clue what I'm on about, take Petronas for example. A lot of experienced Malaysian engineers have gone abroad, seeking greener pastures. So Petronas hires foreigners.

I once came across a job recruitment site for expatriate engineers. The client was Petronas Carigali and they were offering USD20,000. Sure, it was on a contract basis, but convert that and check out how much that translates into MYR.

That's a lot of money going into foreign pockets. With the current economic downturn, people can no longer afford to stand around and smile benignly.

Sadly, people only act when it affects them directly. Malaysians are no exception.

But at least something is happening on the Malaysian political forefront. I was beginning to lose hope.

I reckon if by-elections were our only shot at choosing our government, then we all have a role to play in getting Barisan Rakyat into Putrajaya.

First things first, we'll have to get voodoo dolls fashioned after the Barisan Nasional MP of our constituency. If your MP is from Barisan Rakyat, then you may either sit back and relax or help a friend who lives in a BN constituency.

Now three times a day everyday, take some time out to stick pins into your BN MP voodoo doll. Hopefully, this will cause your BN MP to obligingly keel over and croak so that the BN government will be forced to hold a by-election.

If this happens about 30 more times, I wager we have enough MPs to send Barisan Rakyat to Putrajaya.


Henley said...

yeah they never learn and one big point they missed and underestimated: The Bloggers!!Since 308, they should've realised the significance of blogs..knowing full well they have control of the main media!! lolz.. The more they clamp us down, the more we retaliate. Cheers

Mr. Right said...

PAS won 2,631 majority. 28 parliament seats to go.

Anybody interested to sponsor badminton racket to all BN MPs?

shar101 said...

Yeah! BN MP voodoo dolls! The next step to their demise. A bit low tech but what the heck.

*Errmm.. this has nothing to do with decapitating dolls when you were young, right? Hehehe!*

Patricia said...

It used to be leaping frogs - that was going to help Pakatan.

Now all that's needed is a croak, yah?

Pat ;)

zewt said...

it will take a loooooong time before the brain drain actually stop... there must be more positive changes...

Antares said...

Pat said: It used to be leaping frogs - that was going to help Pakatan.

Now all that's needed is a croak, yah?

Hee hee. I like that, Pat! :-)

Crankster said...

Absolutely true, Henley!

Mr Right, I'll sponsor a squash racket. It's more stressful than badminton - hopefully it takes them out faster.

Shar101, voodoo dolls are as girlie girl as I'll ever get. It may have some history from my youth, you're right! ;-)

Pat, that was brilliant! I missed that! :)

Zewt, we need new blood in the administration to enforce better policies. Only then will the brain drain stop.

BravoEagleHotel said...

Buy 30 Buckets for 30 Bee Anns eMPi to kick !!!
Economy woes mah , must find cheaper alternatives !!!

SugarDaddy said...

i find you very sexy baby . VERY !

Crankster said...

BravoEagleHotel, that's right yo!

SugarDaddy - Really? How nice. Would I happen to know you?