Sunday, 11 January 2009

Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival

I believe there are very few people in the world who can claim to have descended purely of one particular race.

The fact is, our ancestors have been on the planet for quite a while now and there's no way we could collectively have existed without finding someone of another race appealing.

Possibly appealing enough to make babies with.

For the most part, we Malaysians are routinely denoted by our races - Chinese, Indian and Malay, and of course the pribumi in Sabah and Sarawak - even though most of us are products of a mixed marriage.

Our government is racist. You and I know that.

But here's something interesting.

Have you heard of Mildred and Richard Loving? They were the first couple in the USA to win a landmark United States Supreme Court case in defense of their interracial marriage.

Once upon a time, it was illegal to marry someone of a different race.

But they're celebrated every year on the 12th of June in what is called Loving Day.

To complement that, there's a celebration of people with mixed roots in the USA. They're having a Film & Literary Festival which is an annual event celebrating films and literary works exploring racially and culturally Mixed heritages.

The largest west coast Loving Day celebration kicks off the 2nd Annual Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival on June 12, 2009. The Festival celebrates storytelling of the Mixed racial and cultural experience and brings together innovative artists, film and book lovers, and families for two days of writing and film workshops, readings, film screenings, a special family event and live performance by talented comedians, musicians and actors. All events are free and open to the public.

Anyone is welcome. That includes Malaysians.

And if there are any amongst you with talents - either literary or film (and I know there are plenty of you in Malaysia), send in your submissions! Make us Malaysians proud, dammit!

God knows I'd be infinitely more thrilled about it than the mere notion of sending a man up in space to make roti canai.

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