Monday, 12 January 2009

The Role Of Children?

Malaysian children are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

You see, when they voluntarily decide to cycle around the country on a mission to deliver a memorandum to parliament for better civil rights, they get arrested and intimidated.

And then, when they're busy minding their own business trying to get some semblance of an education, their education minister tries to mobilise all five million school children AND their teachers to start some sort of a "peace demonstration" in protest of Israel's role over in the Gaza strip.

Apparently public demonstrations are only okay when the ruling coalition suggests it.

At least Spanish children seem to have it better. My colleague sent me this video of his daughter.

I watched it and thought it was the epitome of kids just having a good time.

Every year, the Spanish organise a parade called 'Three Wise Men' or Cabalgata de Reyes focusing on children and the receiving of gifts by the Three Wise Men.

It's just after Christmas, after all, so they're not far behind time. :)

Europe's biggest parade for children. Just for children.


donplaypuks® said...

The racist Kerismudin is not fit to be a Minister let alone hold public office.

The BN Govt and Kerismudim almost seem to be egging our students to become suicide bombers, when for years they have been saying students should concentrate on their studies and not mess about in politics!

The last time Mahathir closed one eye to M'sians championing Islamic causes in Afghanistan, we produced terrorists who hosted the 9/11 killers in M'sia and bombers who serviced terrorists in Indonesia.

This is the problem with our BN Ministers who talk through both apertures at the same time. The produce ridicuous contradictions which makes us look loke fools on a global scale.

Covert_Operations'78 said...

There is a lot of pith in your observation! It is not all right for University students to speak up against the occupation of Tibet, or hand over a memorandum on basic civil liberties, or even openly show support for any political party other than BN, but they are compelled by the government to participate in a protest against another sovereign country that has responded to a counter attack, just because the attacking 'state' is of the same majority/official religion as that of our country. So if a Muslim were to murder, rape or traffic drugs in another country and has to face the death penalty, the judge meting out the punishment immediately becomes "Yahudi/Kristian/Hindu/ Buddhist/whatever Laknat" in Malaysian eyes?

The mind boggles. Malaysian children grow up witnessing so much hate, prejudice and double standards in those who are supposed to guide and lead them.

Having been there myself, I feel sorry for the children in national schools who hold a different point of view and who are not capable of mustering enough hatred of the "Yahudi laknat".

Thank you for the charming little video clip.


Crankster said...

donplaypuks®, funny you should mention how we look like fools on a global scale. If left alone to our own devices, I think Malaysians have a lot to be proud of. But because of BN stupidity, I sometimes cringe to think about being Malaysian.

Covert_Operations'78, you're right, Malaysians live by double standards. WHat is scary is that we've grown to accept it.