Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Rows In Pakatan Rakyat

If you've been following recent Malaysian politics (in spite of the festive events of late), you'd be aware of the political bickerings and tantrums being thrown rather liberally.

The MP of Kapar, S. Manikavasagam has decided to throw in the towel over his relationship with PKR, the party with whose affiliation helped win him his seat in Kapar.

Now a lot of Indians in Malaysia believe that they - through HINDRAF - were personally responsible for upstaging the ruling coalition, BN, during the March general elections.

I hate to break it to them, but no.

HINDRAF's Makkal Sakhti banner did come into play, but the rest of Malaysia probably thought that if the black brothers could go to the streets with ludicrous demands, then they (other Malaysians) had more credible issues to sort out with the government.

HINDRAF probably started the ball rolling, but they sure as hell aren't completely responsible for it, and taking the full credit is nothing short of being LAME.

Of course, our guy here Manikavasagam, having cut his political teeth via the HINDRAF movement tends to veer quite sharply into the group ideology of promoting Indian rights above all.

There's something wrong with that. While I'm a great believer of standing up and speaking up for one rights, I'm not for doing it at the expense of others. This is what UMNO has been doing for years and look what the country has turned into.

We're a bunch of asinine racists, who would run over a little old lady at the side of the road just to get ahead of the queue. We may not speak up for our rights for fear of "rocking the boat", but we express our priority for self in other ways.

As an MP, this fellow Manikavasagam at least does a good job in representing the people's views. Among some of the issues which have cropped up in Kapar, Klang are:

1. Moving the bus station to Meru. Traders at the old station say their income would be badly hit if the station is moved but the state government would have to pay compensation to the developer if the station is not moved because a whole new housing estate and shopping lots have been built around the new station.

I personally think the aforementioned traders should read a book called "Who Moved My Cheese" which is all about dealing with change. Their business may even boom in the change of location.

2. Demolishment of a temple in Ampang.

I think we have way too many Hindu temples built at the dodgiest locations.

3. The relocation of squatters.

Now that's a whole can of worms. Sometimes, squatters just love living where they've always lived, in spite of all the filth and squalor. Then again, I don't know the whole story.

4. Assisting flood victims in Kapar.

Again, I don't know the whole story, but perhaps more could have been done for the flood victims.

5. Favoured positions. He alleges PKR remains Malay-centric and campaigned for the Malay agenda, pointing out that Indians had not been offered positions in GLCs, state agencies and senior positions in local councils.

6. Resident representation. “Even in Kampung Sentosa where 95 per cent of residents are Indians, Khalid appointed a Malay as the ketua kampung,” Manikavasagam said.

I'm pretty clear on this. I don't need a representative who is of my race as long as he does his job. The problem with issues 5 & 6 is the blatant ethnocentricity. Why offer positions if the candidate in question has inadequate credentials anyway?

Now, what surprises me is the desire to keep all these carrying-ons under wraps.

Apparently, it will "hurt" the party image if the media ran too many reports on them.

Now, I don't know about you, but I find it oddly satisfying that for once, Malaysians are communicating even through their conflicts.

I have lived in this bloody country for a LONG time and I know for a fact that a lot of Malaysians say 'yes' when they actually mean 'no'.

And by watching PKR have their arguments and disagreements, do I feel compelled to disassociate myself with them or withdraw my support?

Hell no.

If YOU do, it's only because you're a bimbo.

And I say that without malice, only because I know you can't help being a bimbo, regardless of whether you're male, female or hermaphrodite.

Have a great year ahead.


SAJ said...

Great piece written with the "big picture" perspective of a true Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

Welcome back & Happy New Year


shar101 said...


Didn't realise that bimbo is genderless.

I really have to get out more and feel the 2009 groove . Hehehe!

ewoon said...

i am with you here Crankshaft and i am no bimbo.

Patricia said...

Yoh Cranky!

You're back - and kicking! Yay!

You've voiced my feelings - exactly. All this Indian-Indian talk kinda sucks.

And if this fler pulls out of PKR, what will it mean? That his so-important Indians will have even less representation! How does this help his community?

We are still into dividing and then sharing. It's so time to just share lah. When are these fools ever gonna learn that?

Let's hope 2009 bangs these guys with some sense!


zorro said...

Ruth...straight from the heart, no holds barred and spot on. Throwing a pitcher of malt at you.

Crankster said...

Happy new year, Jaya. :)

Shar, I assure you bimbo-ness is genderless.

Good for you, Eric. :)

Hey Pat. I am indeed back with a vengeance. I wonder how the next by-elections will turn out. Terengganu seems to be an important state.

Uncle Bernard, thanks.