Friday, 23 January 2009

See What They Did To My Son

I saw this yesterday. Couldn't bring myself to think too deeply about it - too disturbing.

But that's the Malaysian police. I probably don't have to elaborate how very low my opinion of them is. They are a waste of taxpayer funds and an insult to humanity.

The extent of the brutality on the man - criminal or not - is shocking. The man truly suffered before he died; no doubt about that.

I'm writing this as I sit in the UK. This would never be tolerated here.

But it happened in Malaysia, and heck, we have low standards and morals. There would be a brief outcry, nothing more.

It has come to a point where nothing else can be done.


Anonymous said...

Indeed I have to agree with you. It has come to a point where nothing else can be done.

Malaysians have only been content with building bigger schools, larger sports complexes, taller buildings, better computers and enhanced facilities.

We have failed to educate people on humanness and personal integrity.

We build tools not people.

Today, we are nothing more than a crumbling federation incessantly trying to break records just so we can tell the First World that our dicks are just as big as theirs.

Crankster said...

Sad, isn't it?

zewt said...

we are indeed in troubling times. when the protector fails to protect... we the protectees are in for big trouble.

Anonymous said...

hey crankshaft,why do you have jed yong on your blog roll.she is a trully disgusting person.i wish someone would throw monkey poo at that spoiled child.