Friday, 6 February 2009

Leap Frogging Across The State Of Perak

"The country is in turmoil," says my mother in one of her emails to me.

Now some of you may know that I am not currently in Malaysia, and haven't been for a while due to work requirements.

But I have been keeping up with the latest news from this blooming country. Even if I hadn't, there are so many friends sending me snippets of news.

So this latest fiasco of frogging about has not escaped me at all.

I would hardly describe the country as being in turmoil. I can't think of a better time to expose the sorry behaviour of politicians - both from (or should I say, formerly) Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional.

And I wouldn't be the first to remind you that all this leap-frogging was started by none other than the Pakatan Rakyat leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

If the people really wanted to make a change in this country, the polls are the place for it.

I still think Malaysia is not ready for liberation. The minds of the general Malaysian public are still in shackles, and thus so will be their political situation.

It's tough to explain. Malaysians have recently started speaking out due to a wave of "boldness" which emerged from the internet, but it is not out of principle, but more from a sense of being wronged.

Now if their rights are not personally being infringed, they really don't care.

But all is not lost.

I think Najib, in his own blundering way, has actually evoked a deeper need within Malaysians to unite at all costs against a common enemy. Alas, but UMNO is still blinded by their selfish ambitions to realise they will one day be totally annihilated.

That wouldn't be a bad thing.


Toad said...

Tell me my dear one ... if 30 crossed over to Anwar ... Thats ok ? And 4 jumping over to Lousy Barisan ... that ain't ok ? Whats wrong in the Math here ?

-naga- said...

@Toad, she meant she is totally against "jumping over". Read properly la! "If the people really wanted to make a change in this country, the polls are the place for it. "

@Crankster: Agreed.

no such thing as Anak Bangsa Malaysia! said...

Javanese (Malay) values are not compatible with Islamic values. The informed and educated know this well. So does PAS, though they will not admit it openly.

Related info:

Maybe Indonesia should invade the fake country called Malaysia, throw out the government and corrupted system including the monarchy, and call it the straits settlements of various races and religions from all over the world, especially Asia.

We would be more developed, diverse, strong and cosmo compared to Australia if the British had done a HK on us.

The current system, rules, constitution and rukun negara were just put in place by UMNO to prolong their (fake and manipulative concept of) Malay Elite dominance, which is in actuality only for UMNOputra dominance; and to allow their divide and conquer tactics and methods to fester and disunite.

Ketuanan UMNO boleh! People deserve the government they get! Time for the people to rise and rebel!

Patricia said...

Hey Cranky,

Betul! What else is there to say?

And Naga? Thank you for saving me the effort. That people don't read is pitiful!

And this no-such-thing-guy posted the same comment in De Minis' blog. What's up with that?

I can understand people who need a handle cos their blogs contain stuff that could get them arrested. But these tumpang-se-kaki guys who stay anonymous truly rile me. An important part of their anatomy is missing, methinks!


Anonymous said...

R-A-H-M-A-N(Nizar !??) ...why NOT ah !!

Antares said...

Now, Cranky, you know I have a soft spot for Anwar (I qualify this by adding, the post-Umno Anwar, the guy who fought back, got ground to a pulp under Dr M's iron fist, endured 6 years incarceration & managed to resurrect & reinvent himself as PM-in-waiting :-). I can understand what was driving Anwar to take over the government. First of all, he knew that BN was still in power only because of massive electoral fraud & postal votes from the PDRM & armed forces. Secondly,
having experienced 6 years in prison, he dreaded the prospect of being thrown in jail again if he was found guilty by another kangaroo court. He also knew that RPK was in grave danger of being ISA'ed & detained indefinitely - & he was indebted to RPK for his massive support during the build-up to GE12. The only way to prevent himself & RPK being forcibly removed from the playing field was to take over the government asap.
If Najib made it to the PM's post,
it would be the return of the Dark Ages for many of us for obvious reasons. Anwar also felt obliged to the Hindraf people for their help in winning all those seats for the Pakatan Rakyat. Everybody wanted to see the ISA detainess released & the ISA repealed along with a slew of repressive laws - & this desire has become a matter of urgency when it became clear that no BN backbencher dared to endorse the call to abolish the ISA (except for one brave guy from Sarawak). On top of all this, billions were being transferred out of the country when Umno/BN started panicking over 916.
Anwar knew that if he waited another few years to take over the government via GE13, the Pakatan Rakyat would inherit a scorched earth. Indeed, there would be no GE13 if Najib Razak became PM, because he would be so unpopular, the only way he could hold on to power (& protect Rosmah & himself from murder charges among other crimes) would be to engineer a state of emergency & impose martial law. Indeed, rumor has it that Najib did attempt to instigate chaos in the streets of KL right after GE12 - but was unable to persuade any of his Umno minions to undertake such a kamikaze mission.
It's easy to nitpick from the political sidelines, but when you're a player out in the field, there are survival tactics you sometimes have to resort to that the spectators wouldn't understand.
What gets discussed in the media (whether BN-owned or independent) is only tiny fraction of what actually goes on behind closed doors. You can bet your life on that!