Monday, 9 February 2009

Squirrelly Request

One thing about the squirrels in England is that they are really friendly.

Technically, this little fellow isn't British. He's a foreigner (though I bet he doesn't have a passport or a legitimate visa) - the American grey - and he has the reputation of being more aggressive and hardy than the native red squirrel.

He came begging for nuts and wasn't the least bit timid about approaching us. And he sure knew how to turn on the charm.

We didn't have any nuts for him. But next time, we will.


Patricia said...

Oh isn't he the cutest thing??!

masterwordsmith said...

Hey he looks like he is related to my hamster!!!

Hope you are well and keeping warm!


walla said...

May you find true love there, may warmth return to your heart, may stirrings of good feelings sparkle your path ahead.

A good day's work behind you, to return to a cozy home for a hot vege meal, a great cup of coffee, ultra-fast connection to a web bristling with challenges, discoveries between the lines, thoughts popping into the fertile mind, words flowing out like musical notes in precise motion. And such an interesting book on the table while winter pirouettes outside and the fireplace crackling its day's tale to you as you sit in that nice wrappy sofa, feet soaking in the woolly warmth of thick socks.

And a thousand friends await your postings.

Patricia said...

Hey Cranky,

Don't you think Walla is the most lyrical of poets?

Walla, if you ever do start a blog, please let me know. You are one of my favourite writers in cyberspace and I so enjoy reading you.

This is the first time I've seen this side of you, though.

I can just see Cranky all warm and woolleny-socked in the glow of her open laptop - smiling as she reads your comment!



Anonymous said...

The squirrel is as cute as you...he..he...
I believe you must enjoy your duty work at UK...

Crankster from Indo: Tanto

zewt said...

those in st james park are wonderful too.

fargowin said...
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vesewe said...
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jugular said...

Are those last few commentators reading the same blog as me?

Squirrels, at least the grey squirrels, have actually become a pest in the UK (a bit like kangaroos in Australia), a bit like those previous racist commentators. :)

samson said...

Same thing happened to me last Sunday, a squirrel(malaysia one), came up to my fiancee and me while we were taking wedding photos in TTDI park...the cameraman did not include it in time. Never expected it to be so friendly.

Hope ppl here will learn to live peacefully with each other and not hope to exploit only.

Crankster said...

Hello friends. I haven't been online for quite a while. Good to hear from you guys. Hope you're all doing well.

Looks like trouble brews when I'm away. I thought I was writing about squirrels, not a particular race.