Saturday, 14 February 2009

York Minster Cathedral

If you've never heard of the York Minster before, this should get you started.

I'd originally planned on visiting York, but not the cathedral, because I'm not particularly a culture vulture.

And it did cost a whopping £9.50 per entry, and that is - based on the current exchange rate - about RM49.40 which is quite a bit to see an old building.

But somehow, I had this gut feeling that it would be well worth it, and it was.

It is a vast and immense building...

...with a lot of stained glass - something that someone long ago took great pains to create. Something that someone today takes great pains to restore.

They even have apprenticeships dedicated to restoring this entire piece of architecture.

They still have their regular services.


Patricia said...

Hi there Cranky,

I love old churches. There's something about them that soothes the senses and makes me feel calm and balanced. So, I'd have paid the mullah to go in, too :)

I may be pagan, but there's something about a church that is great for the mind. Great place to go when you need some thinking time - if you can find them open, that is.

I no longer pray, and haven't for a long time - but, I still enjoy visiting them. Dragged Chuan in and out of them when we were in Europe and 'converted' him.

You heard of the 'ABC Tours' of Europe, of course? I heard about it from our fellow travellers who were getting really riled at the tour guide: Another Bloody Church was just not for them!


Anonymous said...

What?? They charge you 9,5 Euro for entering the God's house? I think this sinner has already commercialized the church for their wealthy.....

Regard: Tanto