Tuesday, 19 May 2009

It's Gradual, Of Course

RPK has this piece about frogs.

Now RPK hasn't suddenly gone and developed a fondness for amphibians.

And it's not about the political turncoats who calmly defect to another political party upon being offered something more "lucrative".

Oh no, not this time.

This time, it's about the common Malaysian. And the gradual erosion of our rights, which we never notice, simply because it's so .... gradual.

An old folks tale has it that if you put a frog in a pan of cold water and raise the temperature ever so slowly, the gradual warming will make the frog settle down comfortably - until it eventually cooks to death.

Which is pretty much what's happening to us Malaysians, who seem blissfully oblivious to the significance of politics in our lives, and the necessity in placing an active role in it.

To be fair, quite a few other bloggers have brought up the average Malaysian's apathetic attitude towards politics. Zewt spins us a story about a man who thought that as long as he had money, he'd never suffer the consequences of a poor administration.

Parents tell their children that if they studied hard and got good results, they would get a scholarship to pursue their choice of career.

But that only works out when you have good governance and a fair administration that is transparent and is not corrupt or does not discriminate.

So yet again, top scorers discover that PSD scholarships are not guaranteed. Even if they deserve it.

But then, they only have their parents to blame. For they thought that minding their own business and shunning politics was a wise course of action.


zewt said...

no one can effectively say they are totally away from politics... can they?

donplaypuks® said...

Civil Servants at the PSD have been putting their 2 fingers up in direct contradiction to what the PM and relevant Ministers have been saying in Parliament about the 55%:45% Govt policy.

Either the PM & Minister lay the law down and sack the Mandarins to enforce Govt policy or admit they have been deliberatley misleading MP's and M'sian citizens.

Either way, we have been royally screwed and it's yet another matter for us to ponder over when we next vote for a Govt.!!

Crankster said...

No Zewt, no individual can divorce himself from politics. It's here to stay, like it or not.

DPP, I think the PM and ministers say one thing and mean another.

donplaypuks® said...

You mean our Ministers indulge in terminological inexactitudeness?

Not our Ministers who are apponited with the consent of th eAgung? Gosh how low down can they get??!!


walla said...

A great post, Crankshaft.

(and for Pat..)

Antares said...

Oh, Cranky, thou art the master (& mistress too) of SUCCINCTNESS!

sampalee said...

This write-up is brillient.

Patricia said...

Hey Cranky!

Nice one. And, too true. There's no staying out of politics - the very act of 'staying out of it' includes you in the end result of whatever happens!!! How weird is that?!

Am down with a cold, so I've been resting. And I've had enough of this icky, fickle Canadian weather!

And thanks for the link, Walla :) 60 morsels to digiest in one go! Hahaha.

But this one seems relevant in this discussion:

Every snowflake in an avalanche pleads not guilty.Think about that, my fellow snowflakes ;)


Crankster said...

Heya folks. Miss y'all so much! Glad you liked the post.