Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Losing Popularity

I'm always impressed when Malaysian news hits the New York Times as it has, regarding the power struggle in Perak.

I'm also pleased to note that there are judges who have not been bought over by the ruling coalition, better known to Malaysians as UMNO.

Malaysian Court Orders Reinstatement of Opposition Minister

Rightfully, there should be new elections.

But as even the NYT concedes, UMNO does not want to suffer yet another sobering defeat at the hands of the public:

Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, the chief minister reinstated by the court, hailed Monday’s decision as “a historic day for all who love democracy.” He said he would ask the Sultan of Perak for new elections, which the coalition has resisted. Over the past year, they have lost four out of the last five parliamentary and state by-elections.

UMNO is so unpopular that even a racial riot won't work.

So defections are their last option at staying in power. And desperately, they clutch at straws.

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