Saturday, 1 August 2009

The Demonstration At Masjid Jamek

By the time I arrived at Masjid Jamek, I expected that the crowd would have dispersed.

In fact, I think that the original protestors had left, and those that remained were merely curious onlookers.

But that didn't stop the FRU from going all out on the public.

The trucks rolled in carrying their arsenal. A siren sounded and I think that must have been the warning that the water cannons were going to be released on anyone who was close enough to take a hit.

The crowd ran upon hearing it.

For a while nothing happened. Then a group of people came out of the Putra LRT station. The look of alarm on their faces upon seeing the FRU truck was evident even from a distance.

They were given a warning by the authorities (presumably to vacate the area) and they complied with haste. :)

Those who didn't were sprayed.

That was some really potent acid they used. I'm sure it will corrode the tiles and road. Not to mention the windows and premises of outlets in that region.


Antares said...

Supercool chick! :-)

Patricia said...

The writing on the wall is so very clear: That people are tired, and won't take anymore.

I am glad to note that you are safe. And on behalf of the other fogey bum-sitters like me, thank you for being there.

Crankster said...

You're welcome, Pat. You still have your part - next elections, you know what to do.

Thanks, Antares. :) Got chemicals in my eye just to grab that final shot. The things that dodgy bloggers are willing to risk...

sinkeh said...

The police arsenal is indeed impressive but it looks like the entire arsenal is always used against peaceful demonstrators while the crime rate soars.

Crankster said...

Sinkeh, so you've noticed the utterly bizarre situation where peace-loving protestors are gassed and arrested while criminals run free...