Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Happy Hour

FT Minister: Protest cost RM100mil in damage

KUALA LUMPUR: The anti-Internal Security Act (ISA) illegal rally has caused business losses and damage to property estimated to run into millions of ringgit, said Federal Territories Minister Senator Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin.

Damage worth millions eh? How charming.

Now this dude with the "Happy Hour" banner was not exactly devastated at the presence of the protestors. I'm guessing his business wasn't doing too badly, and his shop wasn't exactly empty.

In fact, he was quite obliging when it came to posing for photographs with errr... dodgy protestors. :)

Now I'll tell you why there may indeed have been plenty of damage on the 1st of August 2009 in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

When a huge truck with gallons and gallons of acid chemicals sprays its contents onto buildings, trees, street lamps, garbage cans and roads, there is bound to be corrosive damage. There wasn't just one truck, there were many.

When canister after canister of tear gas is released into the environment, the air is undoubtedly polluted. And the FRU was rather generous with its poisonous gases.

This polluted air isn't going to go away. It will return as acid rain the next time it pours. Cars will be corroded, and even drainage systems will corrode and collapse. Trust me, I'm an engineer - I know.

But none of this damage was caused by the protestors. It was caused by the authorities, the government.

So it's highly dubious and inconsistent for the FT minister (who, of course hails from the BN party) to blame the protestors for damage that was essentially caused by the government themselves.

But you and I know that there's nothing consistent about BN except the corruption.


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Only an engineer would be able to make this a credible post. Straight to the point and right between the eyes!

Good on ya! :)

shar101 said...

Brilliant timing .. and superb prose, Cranky.

You're a gem.

P.S. Sooo .. yer not gonna use the other photos yet, I reckon.

Antares said...

You go, Cranky, spot on! :-)

Crankster said...

Actually Lita, I hesitated because it sounded like I was pulling rank, but what I said are actual facts based on engineering experience.

Thanks Shar. Which other photos? The one of me coughing my guts out?

Antares, thanks. :)

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Exactly!!!!! Imagine anyone without an engineering background making these comments and getting flak!

So, pull rank!!!!!! You can and so you should!!!! :)

shar101 said...

Yup to both - guts photo .. and pull rank lah.

Lee Wee Tak said...

"But you and I know that there's nothing consistent about BN except the corruption."

- 1 more. The only consistency about BN is its inconsistencies

By the way, given the number of canister fired, for 2010 budget, I hope the F Minister can provide for Gas relief in addition to personal and wife relief

And I wonder on what authority did the Minister who lost in election can work out the figure so fast?

Given if the figure is correct, the trigger fingers should pay some of it too, no?

zorro said...

Ruth, thanks for coming back to add to our numbers. Yah, I missed you on Saturday but you were safe with my sinister one and the lady Khoo.

Crankster said...

Lee Wee Tak - yes, we should file tax relief for that. Or demand not to pay taxes as it is obviously being wasted unnecessarily like this.

Uncle Bernard - the salmon always swims upstream to where it originated from. I am no different. It is good to be back. :)