Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Of All Ethnic And Religious Backgrounds

In the midst of all the agitation and confrontation with the authorities during the anti-ISA protest, I had this warm, fuzzy feeling.

I caught sight of this banner that decries the murder of Teoh Beng Hock by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission or Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM).


Teoh was Chinese, but these demonstrators are Malays. At that point, his death no longer became a racial issue. People just came together as Malaysians and spoke out against what was obviously wrong.

A commenter named Eric left a note on my blog:

Yesterday Malaysians of all ethnic and religious backgrounds, both genders and all skin colours, walked together on a matter of national policy. This was simply beautiful.

I was there. I saw black-clad Malaysian Chinese who shared light moments with tudung-clad Malaysian Malay ladies, brave Unit Amal members giving salt (against tear gas) to Hindraf supporters.

That's why BN is so enraged. Malaysians built history together yesterday, as they did in the Hartal and the PUTERA-AMCJA people's constitution days. Malaysians have a history together, though it has been hidden to them for decades. They just proved they will build a future together!

Yes, there is hope yet.


Antares said...

Of course, there's hope, Cranky. There has always been hope... more than hope! It's just that for thousands of generations humanity (i.e., Homo sapiens sapiens or the Adamic race) has been jerked around by wannabe gods who introduced the concept of social status and hierarchy - thereby artificially creating an ever widening gulf between the governed and the government (which sneakily arrogated upon itself the spurious notion of "divine rulership" by promoting the belief that being "royal" is as "divine" as one can get; therefore, the kerajaan is the secular representative of the Raja.

Of course, the word "kerajaan" can also be broken up as "kera-jaan" which lends an entirely different meaning to the concept of government altogether.

Lee Wee Tak said...

Utusan Malaysia should have posted photos showing Malaysian unity that day as you have described and praise BN for fostering such unity among different ethnic group as they are ass-kissers to BN, no?

uppercaise said...

Hi Crank,

I borrowed use of your demo photo in my posting "Keeping A Civil Tongue"

I hope you don't mind. Thanks.

Crankster said...

Antares, they are certainly a bunch of kera. Saw your blog has been hacked into.

Lee, they could, but they probably won't.

Uppercaise, go ahead.