Monday, 17 August 2009

Permatang Pasir's Golden Boy

Just yesterday, I was nauseated by an article in one of the mainstream tabloids about a snivelling MACC officer who claimed he was unfairly maligned for investigating politicians.

This dude claims to be frustrated and demoralised. No shit, sherlock.

The most well-treated of those who have been investigated by the MACC can rightfully claim to be dehumanised.

Others, unfortunately, can claim to be deceased.

But 'demoralised'? What a freaking drama mama.

He could make himself useful. Instead of needlessly pimping precious oxygen with his pathetic existence, he should pull up his pants and go investigate one soon-to-be-prominent political candidate.

Yes, folks.

This lawyer-turned-politician is none other than the wannabe MP of Permatang Pasir - Rohaizat Othman.

The UMNO candidate.

Of course, the success of an UMNO politician is directly proportional to the graft and corruption he indulges in.

Throw in some crime for good measure, because this fellow has even been struck off the roll by the Bar Council.

Hell yeah. Turns out even the lawyers have disowned him. That's grave, indeed.

What did he do?

Being an UMNO candidate, you just know he'd be grossly dishonest - no rocket science there.

And Rohaizat Othman is no exception: he absconded with stakeholders' money from Koperasi Pekebun Getah.

Now we're not talking about wealthy tycoons who are just as dirty and have heaps of money to spare. He was trying to swindle small time rubber investors.

What a fleabag.

Apparently, he made off with RM140,000 which is quite a bit if you realise that the investment by the stakeholders is not all that much.

The lawyers call it criminal misconduct.

And they've evidently made life easier for our MACC man - he doesn't even have to investigate all that much. No need to dangle anyone outside the window and accidentally drop him, even.

It's all handed out on a silver platter to the MACC.

Oh wait. It's UMNO we're talking about, isn't it? And MACC is UMNO's running dog. The faithful little pup that plays 'fetch'. Who rolls over and begs upon UMNO's command.

No investigation will happen - not now, not in the future. Not ever, as long as he remains true to UMNO.

This Rohaizat Othman could attain great amounts of wealth one day. Obscenely massive amounts of it.

Unless of course, we stop him.

Make sure he doesn't get voted, so he can't dip his filthy fingers into public coffers.

Do your thing, people.


romerz said...

Is it any wonder if our country is what it is today if Rohaizat Othman is UMNO's best?

donplaypuks® said...

The Edge quotes Bar Council President Ragunath as saying that:

“The offence committed by Rohaizat involved stakeholders’ money from Koperasi Pekebun Getah and there was no account for it.

When the board looked into this matter and the order was made, there was no reimbursement to the stakeholders involving the sum of RM140,000.

Even if you pay, the offence has been committed and it is a serious offence as this involves dealing with client’s money.

If you are an innocent party, you would not be found guilty by the disciplinary committee and the charge leveled under Section 103D is tantamount to criminal misconduct”.

Eminently qualified to be a BN candidate, wouldn't you say? In 2008, the BN guy for PPauh claimed he had a non-existent PhD! Lol.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

shar101 said...

Hey, perhaps this bloke picked up an advance for his political war-chest.

UMNO will pick up the tab IF he wins at P.Pasir.

But when he loses, even vultures will have a hard time nibbling.

Anywayz, the Edge report was very clear on this bloke's culpability as he was solely charged in his own name whereas AZH claimed RO was implicated by his law partner(s).

BRB - 1. UMNO - 0.

Crankster said...

This dude is a dyed-in-the-wool UMNO politician. At 38, he is dirty enough to be an UMNO MP.

donplaypuks® said...


By Syed Jaymal Zahiid
PERMATANG PASIR, Aug 20 — The controversy surrounding Barisan Nasional candidate Rohaizat Othman’s disbarment took a new twist today when his partner, the one Umno accused of taking their client's money, appeared to deny the allegation.

Yusri Ishak alleged that the money was used by Rohaizat to help his friend-cum-client to finance a land transaction worth RM 130,000 which was to be reimbursed but the Umno politician's friend had failed to do so.

Rohaizat then claimed the land, planning to sell it to remit the funds used to purchase it but to no avail, said Yusri, adding that that was one of the reasons why Rohaizat had failed to repay the co-operative.

He also said some of the co-operative funds had been used to help another of Rohaizat's friends, a director in a housing development company, and also to manage the firm's branch in Ipoh.

The 38-year-old lost an appeal on Aug 12 against being struck off the rolls of the Malaysian Bar after he blamed his partner for the matter which the Bar Council said involved RM161,000 in client's money. MI 20/08/09

We are all o f 1 race,the Human Race

Anonymous said...

dat's nothing laa as compared to cm or mb of other states !

Antares said...

The actual amount was RM161,000. Apparently, Rohaizat had RM320,000 of his client's money in trust. His partner, Yusri Isahak, revealed in a press conference yesterday that he recalls signing a cheque for RM100,000 upon request by the Koperasi Pekebun Getah. Then he was reassigned to the Ipoh office and no longer had anything to do with the case. The remaining RM220,000 ended up being "loaned" to Rohaizat's friends for quick returns - which never happened because his friends couldn't repay the "loans." I guess Rohaizat managed to scrape together nearly RM60,000 to appease his clients... and he claims that he EVENTUALLY did pay back the rest, but only after he was sdtruckoff the rolls by the Bar Council! Isn't that Umno all over?

Crankster said...

The fact that we can have all this information at our fingertips makes you wonder why Umno didn't do its homework first - because while dishonesty is part of Umno culture, they were obviously caught unawares!!