Sunday, 6 September 2009

HINDRAF's Candlelight Vigil

We arrived at Dataran Merdeka just after 6.30pm. The perimeters of the square were casually littered with cops, who did not permit anyone into the square.

I had my camera with me and I was dying to take some shots of the empty square but decided against it as the cops were giving me the hairy eyeball.

So Shar and I merely walked towards the Bar Council, where we saw a small group waiting there.

Wisely, much of the crowd gathered in small groups. They were mainly waiting for instructions, presumably from Uthayakumar (whom we later found out had been promptly arrested).

The media was also waiting - some impatiently, as this was obviously turning into a non-event.

The turnout was rather poor and I barely saw a crowd. In fact, I would hazard a guess that the police outnumbered the vigil-holders.

This bunch of policemen outside the Loke Yew building were obviously not impressed by the crowd as they barely paid attention to them.

We heard there was more action over at Masjid Jamek, so we ambled over. Yes, we ambled - there didn't seem any reason to rush. Life was moving at its usual pace.

There was a slightly better crowd there though. And the FRU was in full force though I did not personally see any water cannons or tear gas squad.

A pal informed me that 16 had already been arrested. It was news that did not go down well. These HINDRAF women were obviously worried and displeased that even women were arrested.

Not to mention that even though no one resisted arrest, they were roughly manhandled and dragged into the waiting trucks.

It was such a contrast to the vehemently racist cow-head protest by the 'Shah Alam Section 23 residents' whom I believe are UMNO stooges.

I was befuddled that UMNO government sees no need to play down its obvious double-standards, as that incident is fresh in the minds of the public.

Frankly, there was no need to arrest any of those who were holding vigil peacefully.

But Shar and I agreed that in the mind of the UMNO government, the Ketuanan Melayu concept has to be upheld. Conceding to the non-Malays (even for PR reasons) would be seen as a sign of weakness by the UMNOputras.

And that is the government we have.


Mayliza said...

ISA memang tak best. tapi untuk demi ketentraman yang lain... peraturan harus tetap tegak kan?

Crankster said...

Peraturan harus ditegakkan, bukan dipergunakan untuk kepentingan sendiri.

Walaubagaimanapun, dengan adanya unsur-unsur hina seperti UMNO di negara ini, ketenteraman sukar dicapai.

Michelle said...

Hey Crankie

Thanks for the report.

Sometimes I wonder if they realise how blatantly unfair they are. Or do they seriously think they can justify the selective arrests and detentions?

Anonymous said...

no cow-head ah ? ...aiyah, sure get arrested one !

Anonymous said...

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Malaysian said...

Wow!!! izin it amazing to see the UMNO-BN really feels that the Now-Malaysians are stupid!!! They are forgeting to realize that they lost 5 states and 7 by-elections. It's my strong opininon that those who still support the UMNO-BN is really not using their brains but sentiments. Look at this candle vigil. Do you really think this arrests was called for, ah? The Home Minister & the police protects the idiots who insulted the Hindu religion & treatend blood shed. But here just peaceful with roses & candle, is treated like damn criminals!! When, i mean when will the people rise!!!

psc said...

God sees fhe truth but waits when he acts these people will never know what hit them.God is Great.

Anonymous said...

Gross abuse of police institution. No wonder there are not enough police to patrol the streets to make them safe from crime.

Anonymous said...

as expected lah = 16 candle-peace-marchers got arrested BUT not any of the cow-head protesters @#$%^&* !!

shar101 said...

Significant, isn't it?

That we presently have an UMNO government, not a BN federal government.

Therein lies the problem.

Anonymous said...

My dear Crankster

Great post here, written with much conviction, perspective and honesty!

I was pretty worried about you but guessed you were ok so I did not call...:-)

Shar's comment is spot on!

Sorry to use your space dearie..This is for anon @ 15.04pm

Thanks so much. I love "Patches", "Single Girl" and the songs that you mentioned - in fact oldies are goodies...Have them uploaded in my youtube channel :-) which is like a blast to the past hehe..

Take care, Crankster and your blog readers.


zewt said...

16 arrested... and that cow head stepping guy can walk free... this is what i called... jek sau jeh tin!!

Crankster said...

Hi Michelle, I don't believe they think much. That's the problem.

Anon @ 06 September 2009 14:10 - yes, someone ought to advise them to bring a cow's head the next time to avoid arrest.

Malaysian - I think UMNO wants only the racist votes because they assume everyone thinks like them. But the people will rise soon. We don't even need a riot. A hit below the belt during polling day will do nicely.

Crankster said...

psc - oh yes, that's the joy of karma or divine retribution.

Anon @ 06 September 2009 21:45 - absolutely. something I've mentioned repeatedly.

Anon @ 07 September 2009 00:40 - I second that. @#$%^&* !! Bloody UMNO.

Shar, it's been UMNO for a very long time. The others are so irrelevant that it's not even funny.

MWS - thanks for your concern.

Anonymous said...

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cikgu said...

This is the practical aspect of 1Malaysia. Take care of the interest of only 1self UMNO) to cling on to power.