Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Of Bovine Stupidity

I've heard of buffoons trying to backpedal when sh!t hits the fan.

But this incidence protesting the relocation of the temple in Shah Alam takes the cake.

There are videos and photos circulating of the very public protest (which incidentally did not require a police permit and thus, did not involve tear-gassing or chemical-laced water).

Frankly, there is no way that there can be any credible denial issued - with that sort of coverage they commanded.

But that doesn't stop them from trying:

Section 23 residents action committee chairperson Mahyuddin Manaf believes that the cow's head that was brought to yesterday's controversial protest was to 'provoke them'.

However, the self-proclaimed PAS member declined to elaborate, saying he did not want the issue to be blown out of proportion.

He also stressed that the protest was not intended to stoke racial tension but rather to 'solve such grievances'.

As for the cow's head, Mahyuddin said its appearance at the protest remains a mystery.

"We did a post mortem (on the protest) but could not identify the people who brought it," he told Malaysiakini.

There were 2 men who carried the severed cow's head while the other village idiots paraded around and yelled in their deranged, high-pitched voices. We all saw it.

And then they proceeded to stomp on the cow's head and spit on it - all the while screaming threats of violence and bloodshed.

We did not miss that - it's on video. In fact to date, I'm fairly certain we've exhausted every cow and bull pun that a nation could collectively come up with - the most notable of them being cow-ard and bullsh!t.

But these fools actually think they can get away with it.

Perhaps in the eyes of the government, they can, for after all, they are but paid stooges.

Not in the eyes of the people, though. We do know who is behind these shenanigans, and we won't forget.

Oh no, we won't.


shar101 said...

Speaking of 'cow and bull' puns, there's another one -

Meanwhile, the Home minister himself will visit section 23 to meet the residents whilst the AG's office will decide on the charges based on police investigations.

Chances are the Federal government will try to override the Selangor administration's jurisdiction on land matters by citing national security with the AG's office backing up the play with some high falooting legal mumbo jumbos.

UMNO's hidden hand is unfolding.

Anonymous said...

'...can they get away ...?'
hahahaha....wat can u people do ...hahaha !

Patricia said...

There's a whole new level of 'low' we're developing here in Malaysia, aren't we?

-naga- said...

Crankster.. I hope you would have read what Kerismuddin said regarding the protesters.

Seriously, as Shar101 mentioned, I too thought Kerismuddin would try to legalise the protest or something.

But I never expected him to stoop so low and declare that the protesters are the victims here.

I am giving up. :(

walla said...

Anonymous said...

aiyah ....only 50 of them,....never
mind lah !?

Anonymous said...

minister of rumah said :
dun simply pinalise anyone , ok ?

Crankster said...

Shar, that's a good one. :)

Pat, we've got the KKK in our midst and it's going to get worse if we don't nip it in the bud.

Naga, yes I have read it and frankly I would have expected nothing less. Fear not, this sort of reaction is exactly what we need to kick BN to hell during the next GE.

Walla, I read your comments. Brilliant as always. I especially like this:

We spend millions on F1, monsoon cup, some bicycle race and other miscellaneous schemes. These get promoted on global tv and electronic media. Presumably they put this country on the world map. Then after muscling a state assembly speaker out of his seat to seize a state government, we decide to whip a single mother. That gets into the same media too. Then we decapitate a cow. That raises the stakes.

So we start something to promote this country to the universe, and proceed to reinforce it with the very welcoming features which we know would be universally condemned. And then we reinforce the creeping perceptions further by not doing anything about them.

To foreigners who might otherwise have developed some vague fondness for this beautiful country, all perceptions of civil nature are soon vaporized.

People who travel around the world like me have to endure the shame.