Friday, 2 October 2009

Noordin Top's Body Returns To Malaysia

Malaysia has claimed the Jemaah Islamiyah bomber:

KUALA LUMPUR — Slain Islamist militant leader Noordin Mohammed Top will be buried in his childhood village in Malaysia Friday, next to the remains of his elder brother, a family representative said.

"Noordin's remains will leave Jakarta shortly and are expected to reach Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 2:00 pm (0600 GMT) Friday and within minutes we will start the journey to Johor for the burial," Badarudin Ismail told AFP.

He said Noordin's remains would reach the Jamek Nurul Iman mosque in the village of Kampung Melayu in the Pontian district of southern Johor state three hours later where final religious rites would be performed.

"Noordin will be buried next to his elder brother Arif Mohammed Top, who died of liver cancer less than two weeks ago," Badarudin added, saying the burial would be completed by 6:00 pm.

It's now almost 6pm, so Noordin Top would likely be buried at the time of writing.

I just got back from a funeral - that of my grandfather's sister who passed away last night. It was somewhat expected as she had taken a fall and had medical complications even prior to that.

We're a little clannish and I numbly feel the loss, just hours after we said our last goodbyes.

She was a sweet old lady and it's distasteful to note that she was buried on the same day as this despicable terrorist.

The only consolation is that if it is indeed Noordin Top's remains they buried today, the world has one less terrorist.


Anonymous said...

sigh ...'a life is stiff a life '...
@#$%^&* !

Anonymous said...

WAT ! ' a life is still a life' after KILLING 100s of innocent humans
...@#$%^&* ....!!
some more brought back with gomen's help 4 an honourable burial !?