Saturday, 30 January 2010

Just Grin And Bear It!

Welcome to Singapore.

It is forbidden to burn churches here.


Anonymous said...

bukan di singapura sahaja.di mana-mana pun tidak boleh.orang yg membakar gereja banyak sebab spt gila,sentimen tinggi akibat tidak dpt mengawal emosi,diupah, dan mcm-mcm lagi.semoga ianya dpt dikawal dari merebak

Think & Create said...
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Think & Create said...

Good post. Stupid acts can spread very easily because good peoples dont go out of their way to stop them.

Anonymous said...

Firstly the display is uncalled for. This was unwarranted and intimidating, at least in my view.

Secondly are they trying to say that you are 'welcomed and are allowed to burn mosques & temples and other places of worship upon entering'.

As I said it was an uncalled for display. 'A bunch of fool brought up by fools and will continue to be fools'.

sean-the-man said...

Singapore does not have any signs that are solely in Malay only.

Crankster said...

Insan, gambar ini bertujuan menyedarkan masyarakat Malaysia betapa bodohnya tindakan membakar gereja.

K - exactly. Once it becomes an avalanche, it is hard to stop the overwhelming sentiment, misplaced as it may be.

Anon - I think that picture was created specifically for people like you. Unfortunately, you still don't get it. You're probably not meant to.

Sean - dude, I cannot believe you would think it's a real sign. It's obviously photoshopped, but I thought it was hysterical!

sean-the-man said...

Bro, my comment was for the benefit of the miffed anonymous who commented right above me.

Since he couldn't recognise satire, I thought logic would do the trick.

Crankster said...

Sean, I suspect neither logic nor satire appeal to him.