Sunday, 2 May 2010

No To GST!

I don't know why organisers even bother specifying a location for any rally. It always gets cordoned off anyway.

And thus, Dataran Merdeka was deserted yesterday.

But the crowd had relocated to the Chinese Assembly Hall carpark, and that's where I found them.

Some of the usual suspects were there.

I think most of them were from Parti Sosialis. Some fiery slogans (true to the nature of Parti Sosialis) were chanted.

And some colourful banners were flashed about.

The turn-out for this event wasn't at all spectacular, though it was good to see that Malaysians are gaining courage in coming out to voice their dissatisfaction.

UPDATE: Six people were arrested over the protest


Antares said...

Everybody gets a free systems upgrade today!

donplaypuks® said...

Now Danny Quah who sits on whatever advisory council to Najib has come out with a statement that if we don't implement GST soon, M'sia will go the way of the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain".

RM 77 million to APCO not only buys you spin and outright lies, but also ball-less advisors.

If they reduce overstaffing in Civil Service and GLc's by 1/3, cancel such wasteful expenditure as $8 billion light tanks contract to DRB for for 'observation duties' in Afghanistan (wtf is that?/!!), pilferages and leakages due to corruption and "directly negotiated Govt contracts" etc., etc., etc., we will not need GST for another hundred years to come!!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

zewt said...

for this demo though, i am skeptical. gst has already been put off until further notice, info suggests after the next GE. wanna abolish GST?.... vote wisely and ensure corruption is reduced.

Anonymous said...

They are following Bangkok wearing red tee shirts!


cass said...

They're wearing red because it's organised by Parti Sosialis Malaysia, I think. There was only about 500 people. I think becauses most people don't know about GST tax and how it affects people. There should be more talks on this issue before a demonstration can be carried out, me thinks.

Crankster said...

DPP - good suggestions, but if they stopped taking our money and putting them into their own pockets, that would be a tremendous improvement.

Zewt - it wasn't particularly one of my passionate issues. But fuel price hikes and taxes seem to get people motivated into some action.

Cass - I agree. More info is needed.