Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Response Of Brutality

This is what awaited peaceful participants of a candlelight vigil.

An eye-witness account HERE.


Anonymous said...

Err ... Ms Cranky

You are badly mistaken. Malaysia is not a police state.

Crankster said...

Really? What is it then? Pray, do tell.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Cranky

Err ... my statement was meant to be sarcastic!

Our leaders declare it is "not a police state" and I was just poking fun at them.

hehe said...

Well there will always be cranks ters who will enjoy the cheap thrill of being batoned chased by the police.

Hey look at that specky guy attention grabbing antics biting police man arms, now he is an MP what.

And that lim spend time in kamunting now he he his having his crony party in penang.

We always play fair. You tunjuk terrer polis lagi terrer hehe..

Crankster said...

Sorry PKL, I'm losing my sense of humour the longer I have to put up with the ruling coalition and their stool pigeons.

It is you, isn't it - comments on 5th and 6th Aug?

shar101 said...

Stool pigeons eh, Crank.

Lots of em lately. But alwayz anons or with weird nicks.

Oh well ..

Crankster said...

Oh yes, they never have the courage to leave their true identities. Speaks volumes about their ideology and state of mind, doesn't it?