Sunday, 3 October 2010

Third Line Of Defence

I expect our National News Agency to spout a lot of rubbish.

It is even a given for our Prime Minister to babble nonsense.

But still, nothing prepared me for this.

I guess the fourth line of defence would be to show this article to enemies of Malaysia so that they die laughing.


Anonymous said...

If thats not a ketuanan statement, I don't know what is?
Why not empower all Malaysians?

Anonymous said...

Stand by for protests from Rela.

shar101 said...

"A good offense is the best defense"

But then again, what Najib said was .. OFFENSIVE.

He must have read 'Tun Szu' instead of 'Sun Tzu'.

zewt said...

dunno if i should laugh... on one hand, it would be insulting to culture... and on the other hand...