Tuesday, 9 November 2010

False Claims Don't Fly Too Well In UK

Now here is one dude who belongs to UMNO in heart and spirit. His name is Phil Woolas.

During the general elections, it was alleged that Woolas used doctored photographs, misrepresented facts and stooped to fomenting racial and religious divisions in his Labour leaflets that he handed out.

He claimed that his opponent, Elwyn Atkins, was paid off by a rich Arab sheikh and was in cahoots with the Muslim fundamentalists. This was naturally of concern to the voting public, who may have possibly voted against Atkins.

Now, this is nowhere as bad as Malaysia, where they put Opposition leaders behind bars just around election time to keep them from contesting.

Or repeatedly accused them of homosexuality, playing to a conservative gallery like Mahathir the grandmaster did.

Politicians all over the world are like diapers. They need to be changed frequently, and for the same reason.

However, unlike Mahathir, Phil Woolas has found his election void as the Court has ordered a rerun of the parliamentary seat poll.

This is because the judicial and executive arms of the UK government administration are divorced from each other - unlike in Malaysia, where they are blissfully in bed trying to conceive chaos and disorder to remain in power.


Antares said...

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Crankster said...

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