Tuesday, 14 December 2010

WikiLeaks And Freedom Of Speech

My friend Tim sent me this link a couple of days ago.

Unflattering remarks from Singapore have been a highlight of the past few days and Malaysia has handed over a "protest note".

Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman summoned T. Jasudasen, Singapore's high commissioner, and handed him a protest note over the "unjustified comments" made by Singaporean diplomats, the ministry said in a statement.

"The foreign minister also conveyed Malaysia's deep concern and displeasure over the comments as revealed by WikiLeaks and subsequently reported in the media," it added.

The Malaysian government is incapable of accepting negative feedback from its citizens. How well can it swallow insults from its neighbour, I wonder.

According to our neighbours:

1) Malaysia is in a "confused and dangerous" state due to its incompetent politicians;

2) There is a "distinct possibility of racial conflict" in Malaysia which would see ethnic Chinese "flee" the country and "overwhelm" Singapore.

3) Najib Razak was reportedly described as "an opportunist" who "would not hesitate" to be critical of Singapore if "it is expedient for him to do so".

Of course, everyone is abuzz over the news that Anwar Ibrahim had walked into a honey trap.

His sexual orientation is the least of my worries. I am more concerned about his politics of cronyism and selective favour, not to mention his disconcerting obsession to become Prime Minister.

All that being said, I am still bemused at what people will say if they think no one will know.

P.S. WikiLeaks is not the gospel truth. There is a disturbing tendency to treat media reporting based on the US State department cables leaked to WikiLeaks as revealing some sort of ultimate, higher truth - WikiLeaks: take a deep breath


Anonymous said...

Singapore's comment wasn't supposed to be known to others. Too bad if it was made known by Wikileaks. It kind of annoys me seeing our leaders' reaction. Duh, we weren't supposed to know, it was privately done, remember? Why don't they pretend it didn't happen like they used to when other countries giving bad comments abt us? Besides, Singapore used to bash everyone who is no up to their standards. I guess our 'beloved' leaders couldn't keep their traps shut. Wht would they do now? Screaming ISA to the Singaporeans?

Antares said...

Julian Assange is a character right out of The Matrix. And WikiLeaks may well be sounding the death knell for conspiratorial secrecy and behind-closed-doors backroom-boy geopolitics. Folks, if we're going to make it to "the future" we'd best get used to openness, honesty and integrity - which essentially means your private and public selves are well aligned (i.e., not like Gollum and Smeagol)!

Crankster said...

Anon - I guess it would be a little hard to slap the ISA on the Singaporeans :-)

Antares - yep, two-timers might want to reconsider their modus operandi...

If you ask me, being honest and consistent is so much easier than preaching one thing to the grassroots and another to the foreign media. Saves making a political faux pas.

jugular said...

I'd like to meet your friend Tim. It seems that he feeds you some good stuff.

jugular said...

Oh, and when racial conflict starts and the ethnic Chinese 'overwhelm' Singapore (it seems that SG also has an official touch of racism as well as Malaysia), which country are the ethnic Indians in Malaysia going to 'overwhelm'?

Crankster said...

The ethnic Indians will overwhelm Australia, of course.