Thursday, 6 January 2011

Not Suicide, Not Homicide, Then What? Accident?

A lot of people are disappointed with the outcome but a bigger number appear to have expected that the MACC would go scot free.

Logically, it is shocking that there could be absolutely no evidence of what had really happened.

In a tight-security place like the office of the Anti-Corruption Commission, it is a little hard to believe that there were no security cameras, no CCTVs that could have shed some light.

My deduction is, those cameras actually spell the truth in over a thousand words and could potentially seal the fate of the MACC and consequently the government.

So all that footage had to be disposed off before it got into the wrong hands. It is entirely possible that the CCTV cameras were dismantled and put away for good measure.

Even if there was no homicide, there was a lot of wrong being committed over an insignificant little "corruption" case that no one really knows about or cares.

Evidence from expert witnesses showed that Teoh had suffered a pre-fall injury on the neck, which could have caused the deprivation of oxygen to his brain, resulting in loss of consciousness or disorientation.

It begs the question: Who inflicted that pre-fall injury? And why? Is that standard operating procedure in a Malaysian interrogation?

And yet, the coroner said, "After evaluating the evidence of the pathologists, I find that there is no sufficient evidence to confirm beyond reasonable doubt that this pre-fall injury did in fact facilitate, result or contribute to Teoh's demise."

Perhaps there may indeed have been insufficient evidence.

But I think in the minds of most Malaysians, the fact that even the coroner was unable to absolve MACC from its pre-fall guilt speaks volumes.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Cranky

Not willing to lie but not enough courage to tell the truth.

Now what about the signs of torture?

Phua Kai Lit

masterwordsmith said...

Dear Crankster

This is one tragic and shocking point of time that many Malaysians will remember for ages.

Speaks volumes indeed!

Take care and wishing you a blessed year ahead.


donplaypuks® said...

He strangled himself then jumped out the window!

I think it was clear from the beginning the coroner was going to pass the buck back to Najib!

Anonymous said...

Yup! It's more than "accidental death". It's MACCIDENTAL DEATH DUE TO MACCIDENTICIDE.


Anonymous said...

obey the RULE OF LAW!

Anonymous said...

a RCI to find out how macc has interrogated TBH but NOT how his neck was injured & thrown out !!??
@#$%^&*&^%$#@ !!

Crankster said...

PKL - that's it in a nutshell

MWS - I hope Malaysians remember it long enough for some action during the next General Elections. Thanks for dropping by :-)

DPP - yes, that was the gameplan. Now it looks like Najib is the only voice of reason - with his enthusiasm to get the RCI

Ibat - MACCIDENTICIDE would be an accurate description indeed.

donplaypuks® said...

As it stands, Najib's RCI will be a whitewash unless the terms of reference includes finding out the cause of death. And if the RCI is filled with establishment boot-lickers like Black Musang whose done a huge number on all at Sime, there's no way any truth will emerge.

The coroner has completely ruled out suicide which means someone in cows and cars did it and the interrogating teams knows the truth and indulged in a mssive cover up.

Whither Najib's "no stone will be left unturned"?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

till today, 80,000 has signed up a petition for the TRUTH & CAUSE of the death !
mother : " give me back my SON ! "
sister : " return me my beloved BROTHER ! "

Joshua Lopez said...

TER-Jatuh lah! He didn't watch his step! We have to TER-Jatuhkan them too!