Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Spelling Is Atrocious

The BN government has been busy with the upcoming by-elections.

As usual, the standard fare of bribing the constituency with money and other gifts has been employed.

To enhance the gameplan, an additional treat of flinging mud at the opposing party candidate is rampant. She has taken it in her stride though.

The propaganda machinery, Bernama, has been spinning furiously. Lies have spewed from every angle like vomit from a inebriated drunkard.

They have obviously been too busy to even check the spelling of their news items.

(click to enlarge)

Ah, the demands in the life of a prosti-journalist.


STEEST said...

Prosti-journalist! hahahaha

Love that!

Joshua Lopez said...

As for the PAS female candidate, i feel she is just to fanatical and draconian in her principles. It wouldn't go down well with the Masses. Even many clear thinking Muslims wouldn't want such an MP.

Anonymous said...

Frens keep sending me messages to BOYCOTT pepsi, kickapoo, 7up, merinda, revive , excel, gatorade, mountaindew, twister fruitjuice, lipton tea,boss coffee, bleu mineral water ....!!
WHY !!??

Crankster said...

Thanks Lita :-)

JL - Not draconian, but yes, a little fanatical. However, it probably would not be an issue for that constituency as it may be in urban KL.

Anon - ask UMNO Titiwangsa division head why.