Sunday, 6 February 2011

1Malaysia Hypocrisy

It couldn't get more retarded than this.

They think unity can be achieved merely by posing for shots of them tossing yee sang together.

From NST

This is the very height of the 1Malaysia hypocrisy.

Spare us the public relations shots. Good governance and eradicating corruption would impress me more.


Anonymous said...

And what so different with pakatan rakyat?be honest sikit

Joshua Lopez said...

Those in the picture are one, this is the way it has always been. They are brothers of the same institution and they have worked very well despite the interferance of their respective races.

Haisey! The opposition has only brought too much unrest and drama since 2008 and they have utterly disappointed most of us who voted in favour of them. It was a mistake and never more!

Crankster said...

Anon - Honest about what? Pakatan Rakyat has not shoved any public relations shit into my face.

Joshua Lopez - then please vote for BN in the future. You deserve the government you get.

Eric said...

Not to take anything away from TUDM with its C-130 evac of M'sian students or RMN's handling of the "Somaili Jack Sparrows"

Even 'TEAM AMERICA' would be impressed with this bench mark, "UNITY IN DIVERSITY" in Action:


They were ready to go within 24 hrs. of the "event horizon".


Watch Operation Flying Eagle:



Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Cranky

(There are 4 parts in all, with English subtitles)

Congrats! Your blog is beginning to attract UMNO/BN cybertroopers. :)

Phua Kai Lit

Joshua Lopez said...

It's rather funny that we have been warned not to try the Egytian Style of doing things! Gosh! Who's feeling the heat ah?

Crankster said...

LOL Eric. Suddenly they're super-efficient.

Phua Kai Lit - I absolutely loved the Bruce Lee clip!! There were enough clues for us to even understand the credits in Chinese!! ;-)