Friday, 18 February 2011

Wasn't Me Again!!

Ladies and gentlemen: Bring out the popcorn. The Punch & Judy show is on again, starring The Loony Tun and his running dog.

The first episode began with Ops Lalang and the mastermind behind it. Unbeknownst to the world (much less the nation) the mastermind had had his powers usurped by the cops.

Oh yes, only in Malaysia.

Today, we discover that the draconian Internal Security Act, popularly known as the ISA was almost scrapped, except the damned cops beat the crap out of The Loony Tun and left him crying in a corner.

Someone ought to do something about these cops.

Seriously, I heard that The Loony Tun was in the process of eliminating poverty and famine in Africa. But guess who stopped him in his tracks?

You've guessed it! It was the damned cops!!!

The Loony Tun was just about to stop the Chernobyl nuclear disaster which caused massive damage and widespread disease in the region. But it was the damn cops at their dirty tricks again.

In fact, The Loony Tun was on his way to receiving his Nobel Peace Prize award for creating peace between Israel and Palestine when he was stopped. No prizes for guessing by whom.

Oh wait. Israel and Palestine didn't quite work out. But it was only because The Loony Tun was held up in a traffic jam caused by the cops who set up a police blockade. Otherwise, peace was just around the corner, I'm telling ya!

Those damned cops - what a menace to every self-respecting, God-fearing, mother-loving citizen of this nation!


Anonymous said...

LT wanted LKY to join back the bolehland but but BUT cops said NO !!

Joshua Lopez said...

Hahahahahahhahahahha! You are getting very naughty lah Crankster! Anoy, no one wanted Singapore back in Msia and in reality it can never happen. Singapore would do better if they join other countries such as Australia.

Joshua Lopez said...

Yes, there have been times when the uniformed forces have taken laws and even lives in their own hands which was never intended by certain politicians. It happens here, strange but true.

pinsysu said...

LT: I din wanna be that apanama PM for 22 yrs but the polis made me do it ... i swear "@#@$%^&"!!