Sunday, 6 March 2011

Fear Of Uprising

I've always loved the don't-play-with-fire refrain.

In 2008, I said, "And if I got a ringgit for every instance a random Malay warns, 'Don't play with fire' over some racial discussion he can't win through logic, I'd have Bill Gates polishing my shoes right now."

In some parallel universe, I am currently a billionaire.

But in this universe, heck in this country, I am still dissecting what village idiots say which make headlines.

I have drawn two conclusions from this news article.

1. Muhyiddin and his band of UMNO thugs will not hesitate to act like the middle east despots, i.e. to cling on to power, grab more wealth and massacre their own citizens.

2. We are not a democracy (certainly not a vibrant one, if any adjective is necessary to begin with) since we are not allowed to rise against the government. In all genuinely democratic nations, the people can call for change anytime they choose to, not only during election season.

It shocks me that we have allowed people of this calibre to remain in power.

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Anonymous said...

Muyiddin is an Idiot and so are people who think that taking things to the street is the best solution. We are a civilized country unlike Taliban, Egypt or Libya!