Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Shut Up Already, You Bloody Opportunists!

Due to lack of creativity and excess in desperation, most of the UMNO/BN-owned media resort to headlines such as "Najib tells Sibu folks to vote BN for a better future".

I usually feel rather nauseated after digesting too many news articles along those lines, which is why I staunchly avoid coming into contact with any mainstream media if I can help it.

So it came as a complete shock when I read that Pakatan Rakyat politicians had sent out text messages discouraging people from attending the HINDRAF-organised protest.

“Don’t fall for selfish people who are using you for their selfish aims. Go to Merlimau not KLCC,” the text message by DAP Senator S. Ramakrishnan read.

It seems to me that the issue of racism and propagation of tools to Brainwash The Nation is of secondary importance - the utmost priority is that they, Pakatan Rakyat, get voted into power.

Make no mistake, Uthayakumar, the maverick leader of HINDRAF has not played by any party rules, nor has he compromised on his stance. A lot of people regard him as eccentric, some see him as recalcitrant, but on the issue of racism, he appears to be spot-on in his judgement.

This makes him a threat to Pakatan Rakyat. I wager that a substantial number of politicians were more than just mildly curious to know if Uthayakumar still had the mojo and could command an impressive attendance at KLCC.

We never got to know because every Indian who showed up in that vicinity was promptly arrested.

But even the average man on the street is aware of the Pakatan Rakyat politicians' self-serving actions. This commenter on Malaysiakini says:

Anonymous i see some the politicians here are taking advantage in this case and asking the indians not to vote for this party and that party.hello we are talking about our childrens education and well being not your stupid politics.pls for god sake for once think like a human being rather for your own benefit.i find it wrong and very wrong for education ministry to do this to our indian in the service line and i have never discriminated a malay or chinese but whats wrong with this teachers.they seriously need to go for psychiatric evolution before they start teaching in the school.pls withdraw interlok before it causes further damage to this country.1malaysia

Interestingly, the politicians have also been called out by the educated masses as well. In his letter to Malaysiakini, Wong Mun Chee identifies Hindraf, not Pakatan Rakyat as the real threat to UMNO.

In hindsight, the government feels that the grass roots movement of Hindraf is more potent that the politicking of the opposition. Maybe they realise the opposition like them is an endless trail of bickering of who does what and how it has to be done, but how it gets dissipated to the grassroots is a major stumbling block for either the ruling government or the opposition.

The government probably realised that Hindraf is still alive and kicking because they are the voice of the poor, deprived and marginalised who form about 70 percent of the population.

Why and how Hindraf can be the voice for the poor, deprived and marginalised? Naturally if you look at their leaders, they are not people of material substance, no datuks, tan sris, people with connections, and so on, but a movement of people who are genuinely interested in uplifting the society with their own sacrifices for the people within the society.

If you take the trouble to notice, you will realise that this group does not have any support either from the opposition or the NGOs and works solely in their belief with their followers that their path cannot be compromised for political and personal agenda, but what is the best for the community on the long run.

Even now in the by-elections, their arrest for the anti racism forums were well circulated by the opposition to optimise on the sentiment for vote count, yet none has lent a hand for their cause against racialism on February 27, 2011.

Similar to Suqiu, I think we have a genuine movement in Hindraf and their leaders without fear or favour who fight a cause for the voiceless poor, deprived and marginalised in society although they have been branded from hero in 2008 to villains these days.

It is a shame when politicians on both sides of the divide continue to neglect issues on the ground in favour of power.

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Pat said...

Pakatan Rakyat is fast becoming a joke - especially with this foot-in-the-mouth disease they seem to be suffering from now. I don't see how they are going to repeat anything they did in 2008, short of a miracle.

They don't understand that they won by default: people wanted an option to BN, and they happened to be it. They won't win by default again. If they are planning on it, they are going to be sorry.

I am miffed, because now, they've cheated me of a viable option!

I agree with you about Hindraf, and their leader. All they ask for is justice - which seems to have passed them by yet again.

Joshua Lopez said...

Pat, You have vomitted what i wanted to say. I feel really cheated after voting for the opposition. They are not an alternative at all, far from it! They have proven to be useless bigots! This is highly disappointing! I had so much hope in them just before 2008 GE.

Crankster said...

Pat - sadly, it is now a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Joshua - do you know of any politicians from BN that make a viable option?

Joshua Lopez said...

So if there's no viable option in BN, you fall for Pakatan who have proven to be nothing but idiots who can't even run states (Except Penang)???

It would be rather irresponsible for me to allow such an opposition to come into the federal government just because BN has been here for too long!

Aren't you tired Crankster? Nothing but politicking and infighting by the opposition since their great win in 2008. T

hey have really done absolutely nothing! Nothing At All! All that hype about them in 2008 has proven to be absolute gabbage!

They are empty vessels making loud noises but can't perform! I am sorry, they have proven to be useless. In this case, a known devil would be better!