Saturday, 2 April 2011

Cult Practices And Elements Of "Christian Rituals"

I had plans to ignore this entire issue on grounds of its frivolous nature.

But then I wanted to know what a poco-poco dance is. One thing led to another, and I ended up watching this youtube clip.

And then I thought of the religious police and what they say:

A top Islamic official in a Malaysian state has outlawed a popular line dance, claiming Friday that it contained cult practices and elements of "Christian rituals" unacceptable to Muslims.

Harussani Zakaria, mufti of the northern state of Perak, told AFP the "poco-poco" dance violated Islamic law.

"The poco-poco dance is actually a cult dance," he said.

"Our research indicates that the dance really originates from Jamaica and there are many Christian rituals to it as the moves reflect the making of a cross and so is unacceptable in Islam," he added.

"The dance is also practised in the Philippines and parts of Indonesia which have a Christian majority and so the dances have many Christian influences, which clash with Islam," Harussani said.

And then I discovered that I was right in the first place - I should have ignored this issue (for more than one reason).

But the dance was fun :-)


Anonymous said...

25th of December should NOT be cuti lah !!

Joshua Lopez said...
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Joshua Lopez said...

There is no dance in the dogmas and doctrines of the Church as well as the teachings in the Bible. Yes, King David danced to the Lord but there is NO set rule of dance.

Some people are downright bigots who forget that the Bible is one of the Holy Books permitted by Islam and Prophet Muhammad to be read by followers of Islam.

These half read swines contribute significantly to damaging Islam, Malaysia and The Government and in the process shows very poorly on Muslims.