Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Functions Of The 1Malaysia Email

There have been plenty of views against the whole idea of an official email system. But here is one reader's view on why the 1Malaysia email system SHOULD be implemented.

I usually can be persuaded to see reason, but this is not one of those times.

The reader's comment:

The updates of PM's official appointments will be in the email, opinion polls will be conducted via email. You'll also be invited to dine with the PM as his FB Friends have enjoyed. An email between PM, Government and The Prople.

What's so hard to understand it's functions? The entire government will pay a listening ear and update you on national matters. It's an effective means of communication with every individual rakyat. There will be times that you need to deal with a government agency, the email will help you because you'll have excess to the relevant department and get updates.

My response to the comment:

I don't deign to speak on behalf of anyone else but myself. So here is my two sen worth.

1. There is no way that I would want to dine with the PM. There is absolutely no need to. He is not a celebrity, but merely a civil servant who should be carrying out his official duties (which by the way, do not include wasting public funds).

2. If there is a facebook page for his fans, it would be redundant to have email to communicate with his non-fans, unless he is trying to win us over for political purposes. In that case, it is illegal to be using government funds for personal interests.

3. Opinion polls can be conducted on the PM's blog. Anyone wishing to give any feedback would be able to do so on the official site. Bear in mind, feedback can sometimes be negative (even though constructive) and most companies do this under conditions of anonymity. An email address would ensure only positive comments see the light of day.

4. As for its functions, updating us on national matters is what the newspapers should be doing, only they were not so biased. If an email account was necessary for a citizen to be updated, we would be doing those with no internet access a great disservice indeed.

5. "The entire government will pay a listening ear.." That statement nearly had me falling off my chair from laughing. For a moment, I thought the reader was being extremely sarcastic. Whatever this current government may be described as, it is not a "listening" government. Most governments around the world sit up and listen when its citizens take to the streets. This government tear-gasses them and sprays them with chemical-laced water.

6. As I have briefly mentioned earlier, access to relevant departments within the government is already available via the official website. All they need to do is to create a feedback form.

I appreciate that some readers are able to see the other side of the coin and perhaps play devil's advocate as well, but one must not be naive and gullible to the workings of the government.

At the end of the day, most Malaysians know that the government undertakes projects based on how much personal interest is at stake, not the best interests of its citizens.

This is about making money.

The company that secured the project of developing the email system has even admitted that this is a financial lifeline for it.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 26 — Tricubes Bhd admitted today the 1 Malaysia email service is a financial lifeline for a company at risk of being delisted from Bursa Malaysia, adding it is targeting 5.4 million subscribers without a guarantee the government will use it.

When there are free webmails available like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and so many others, spending millions of ringgit to develop email accounts is an utter waste of public funds.

It really is like trying to sell ice to an Eskimo, as one critic put it.


shar101 said...

Hahaha! Crank, this posting deserves a second wind at you know where.

Crunchy stuff.

Joshua Lopez said...

You leave me speechless with what you've done. Anyway, dinning with PM and One Msia Email is Private Sponsored. Not government funds and just for the record, anyone who becomes PM, whether from PKR or BN, is entitle to entertainment allowance. And let me also stress here that i am not a hardcore BN supporter unlike the days when i grew up under Tun Dr.Mahathir.

Today, i feel that we badly need change but one shouldn't be shooting like a loose canon in the name of change.

Antares said...

Yes, yes... I think Nabob's idea of giving every man a free 1malaysia female is rakyat's money well spent. But, to be fair, Musnah must now provide every woman a free 1malaysia hemale. And what about pubescents? What do THEY get? This Pemadu projek is doomed to get out of hand, I say!

This bankrupt company Trickyou Sdn Bhd has a snazzy looking CEO - like P. Ramlee's evil twin, the one that goes around seducing widows and running off with their lifesavings.

jugular said...

"the email will help you because you'll have excess to the relevant department and get updates"

Do they mean "access" or does this mean that if you use the email system, you'll get the benefit of the graft and corruption as well. :)

Crankster said...

Shar - certainly. You sure keep some strange hours.

Joshua Lopez - speechless? :-)

What proof have you that it is privately sponsored? The government's word? The same government that charges hundreds of ringgit for a screwdriver? The same government that refuses to divulge Petronas' annual revenue?

I wouldn't begrudge the PM his entertainment allowance but I hope there is a limit. I have no intention of paying for Rosmah's shopping.

Antares - Pubescents get to watch. After all, they have already been exposed to erotomanic politicians anyway.

Jugular - I think he means "access". In Malaysia, one does not benefit from graft and corruption unless one is well-connected (and I don't mean an internet connection).

Joshua Lopez said...

And makes you so sure that Rosmah pays for her shopping? And isn't it her democratic right to shop with her husband's credit card?