Friday, 29 April 2011

Malaysian Brain Drain

The World Bank did a survey on the great Malaysian brain drain:

Malaysia's brain drain worsening and social injustice the cause

I noticed only one reader was perceptive enough to get to the root of the problem. This is his comment:

We do not need talent in Malaysia as long as we are resources rich. We only want people who could not think to stay behind so that that we (who sit on top) can continue to steal and loot without being questioned.

We continue to steal and loot while other counties benefit from our brain drain. Don't you think this is a perfect win-win situation?????

Malaysia Boleh!!

That is precisely what the BN government thinks. After all, it makes a huge sum from oil revenue, why should it even bother with improving the economy?

The problem is, Malaysian have allowed it to go on. They either oblige the government by migrating or simply find a way around the abuse and injustice.

I can't blame those who migrate. When there is a better place out there, why stay back and suffer?

But I wonder about those who actually stay back (and complain). Why aren't they more politically aware and concerned?


Think & Create said...

Cranky, those who stay behind are not necessarily happy with what they see but they're worried about their safety and their family. After all, its well know that the Malaysian police will brutalise anyone as they believe everyone is guilty until proven innocent. So its tough to get the masses to act against a big bully (BN). The only way for the masses to do without harming themselves in the next election. So blogs like yours does help create the awareness that people can change the government and still be safe when the vote wisely in the GE13.

Joshua Lopez said...

Migrating is still the best option and this is always my advice especially to those planning a family. There's absolutely no future for our children here.