Saturday, 23 April 2011

Not Picked Up, Just Asked To Present Himself

My apologies over the false alarm about RPK being picked up by Malaysian authorities.

I realise that it is probably illegal for Malaysian authorities to make any arrests in a foreign country. The closest they can get is to have their Thai counterparts cooperate and make the arrest on their behalf.

However, he has been asked to present himself at the Malaysian embassy in Bangkok to make a statement.

His lawyers have advised him against, for VERY good reason.

Walking into an embassy of one's country is to gain diplomatic immunity - wherever in the world one is. But in RPK's case, walking into the Malaysian embassy is tantamount to flying back home to Kuala Lumpur and walking into Bukit Aman.

It is enough to get him extradited back and sent right back to jail.

PETALING JAYA: Popular blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, who is presently in Bangkok, has decided not to go to the Malaysian embassy in the city as was asked to do so earlier today.

Instead he has informed the Malaysian embassy officials that he was willing to meet them at his hotel in Bangkok tomorrow.

Earlier today embassy officials have approached Raja Petra, popularly known as RPK, to be present at the embassy at 9pm tonight.

“He was asked to make his way to the embassy in the Thai capital to have his statement recorded,” said Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement president Haris Ibrahim.

Haris said that Raja Petra was personally informed by Malaysian embassy officials to make himself present tonight.

“However we (his lawyers) advised him not to go and he has agreed to listen to us,” Haris told FMT.

“We have informed the embassy officials that Raja Petra was willing to cooperate with them and the police.

“He is ready to meet the officials tomorrow at his hotel, not at the embassy,” he said.

RPK is in Bangkok to attend an MCLM event. He is the president of the civil liberties movement. He met up with Malaysians and launched the Thailand Chapter of the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement.

“Embassy officials told him in person just before this afternoon at the MCLM event at the Florida Hotel in Bangkok to be present at the embassy right after the event,” said Haris.

Haris also stressed that RPK was not arrested by the embassy officials.

“The officials told him that there were two police officials waiting to take a statement from him. We told them he will cooperate with the police, but not at the embassy.

“We are now waiting for the embassy officials to revert to us after discussing with the police officials,” he said.

Read the rest on FMT.

Like I said, it is a smart decision to avoid the embassy altogether.

But being the law-abiding citizen that he is, he has decided to give his statement in his hotel room - in true RPK style :-)

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Joshua Lopez said...

Bigots! they actually wanted to arrest him on "Malaysian Soil" by appealing to him to come over to the Msian High Comm! Why can't they arrest him in England and show the world what Bigots and Communist they are?!!!

Crankster said...

Bigots? Communists? How so?

Joshua Lopez said...

i meant that the running of the government smacks of bigotry and Communism, the same communism they blame Chin Peng for! Communism as in their 'mindset.'Conform or Get Thrown in Kamunting! Paham?

Crankster said...

Actually, I don't know what the Malaysian govt's issue with Chin Peng really was.

Communism gets a bad reputation, but an ideal system would be one that combines elements of capitalism and communism (or socialism) in it.

Joshua Lopez said...

It is believed that Chin Peng was involved in loads of cold blooded murder and yes he was a Hero in Party Komunis Malaya. Now the bugger wants to return to Malaysia claiming it to be his beloved "Tanahair"