Monday, 25 April 2011

Protest Outside MCA HQ

Obviously no one got the FRU boys to tear-gas these nut jobs. Only HINDRAF merits all the brutality.

Talk about double standards.

From FMT:
For Utusan, Perkasa swarms MCA HQ
KUALA LUMPUR: Some 100 Perkasa members staged a protest outside the MCA heaquarters here condemning the Chinese-based party for criticising the Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia daily.

The protesters shouted “Hidup Melayu” and warned MCA against “playing with fire” as its actions could cause a repeat of the 1969 racial clashes.

MCA leaders had blasted Utusan for what they described as a continued racist attack on the Chinese community especially after the Sarawak polls.

The overwhelming Chinese support for the opposition led to the fall of 12 state seats, more than double the amount previously.

Utusan had described the Chinese as being ungrateful and called for the Malays to unite under a campaign called “1Melayu, 1Bumi”, mimicking Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s 1Malaysia, which was meant to promote racial pluralism.

Columnists from the Malay daily also accused DAP, the Chinese-majority component party in Pakatan Rakyat, of racism and attempting to oust the nation’s Malay leadership.

Perkasa declared its intention to spearhead the “1Malay, 1Bumi” campaign and warned MCA that it would “face the consequences” if it did not stop its criticism against Utusan.

The Malay right-wing group also demanded MCA to retract its call for a boycott on the Malay daily, which Perkasa described as the “sole defender of the Malay voice”.

Check FMT for updates and watch the video.

Bear in mind all MCA did was to criticize Utusan Melayu, which publishes bigoted articles that is not worth the paper it is printed on.

It is becoming so evident that either Najib has absolutely no control over these village idiots or he endorses their brand of racism.


Walski69 said...

Swarm? By most accounts, there were about 100 of 'em. Not much of a swarm by any credible standards :p

But yes, the lack of water cannons and tear gas is glaring. I just posted the same irritating rally earlier, and that's one of the things I mentioned, too.

It's either double standards, as you said, or the fact that PDRM are actually scared of these right-wing nuts...

I'm seriously thinking of getting like-minded people together and organize something online to protest these idiots. You think there might be any takers?

It would, of course, have to be representative of all Malaysians. Do share whatever thoughts you might have on this idea.

Crankster said...

I think there would be takers, except most Malaysians don't take Perkasa seriously. I would still sign it though.

Joshua Lopez said...

This Parties (Perkasa & Utusan) Of Bigotry is going to be the major contribution of a two party system. If left unchecked, BN will end up being voted only by the malays. The Chinese & Indians will vote opposition.

Joshua Lopez said...

i'm wondering, what mother fucking fire are we playing with?! Such Insane Beings who suffer inferiority complex!

Crankster said...

Joshua Lopez - do you live in Malaysia? You seem out of touch with current events. Just my opinion.

Joshua Lopez said...

I have never left this country unlike you. And i have been a very keen political observer since primary school. I observe Msian and World Politics, it's my passion and hobby.

I am fully aware of the swing in votes towards BN in the upcoming GE. For now, we are heading very much to a hung parliament resulting in a two party system.

In short, just as in UK whereby the Tories & Lib Dem formed government.