Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Walking Down Fear Street

You know BN is panicking when they invest a lot of money in getting skilled hackers to bring down website servers.

Some of you may not be aware that the Sarawak Report website was disabled a while back after being hacked.

More recently, the Malaysiakini servers are down, but this is not going to stop the free flow of information to those who need to see it.

Here are the alternative locations while the BN government continues their assault to curb sensitive information which could harm their selfish interests:


If you also want to read the Sarawak Report, please go here:

I assure you that BN will commission these sites to be hacked and taken down as well. So stay tuned and we will try to flow down the new sites as soon as they're up.

This has happened before to Malaysia Today, so it is nothing new! :-)


Joshua Lopez said...

Heading towards Communism like China are we?

Crankster said...

A dictatorship government like China, yes.