Friday, 22 April 2011

Welfare Of Policemen

I have no objections whatsoever to the welfare protection of our Law Enforcement.

The last time I checked, they were so lowly paid, and I really couldn't blame them for trying to earn extra money through taking bribes.

This is one issue that the public continually ignores for more pressing issues like bad governance and draconian laws.

But I think the welfare of the policeman is very important. This is the security and future of our country that we are talking about here.

A policeman who is worrying about how to make ends meet is hardly going to be putting all his efforts into bringing criminals down. He has other issues to think about.

This is where dirty politicians also come into the picture. Take Hishammuddin Hussein for example, who is doing his best to win the hearts of the police force.

Being the only one who has championed the cause of policemen, he is now going to have them eating out of his hands while coming out smelling like roses (even if he slips his hand into the national coffers while he's at it).

And we wonder why the ruling coalition, BN, have their backs covered by the police.

We do have some serious issues in this country, but someone also needs to spare some thought for the men in blue.

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