Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Who Needs Another Email Address??

It is shocking to think what these fools in our payroll come up with in their sincere efforts to waste our money.

Seriously, a 1 Malaysia email account?

And this is to provide a "secure" channel for communications between the government and citizens? Who are they trying to kid??

If you ask me, this is the most effective way for the government to gain access to our private information instead of having to go to yahoo or gmail to get it.

I have heard that on numerous occasions, their requests for private information have been denied.

This will also ensure that the government can send more propaganda via the internet to counter the freedom of information available over the web and blogosphere.

This is such a waste and I guess some minister or his crony is making a lot of money - at our expense.


Joshua Lopez said...

It's a way that our PM is making an effort to get closer to us (The People). And we have a democratic right to accept or ignore the email address. I think we are being very unjust by not giving the man a chance.

No government or country is perfect. We have our shortcomings. If one seeks perfection, i say wait for your time to expire & enter the Kingdom of God where there is fullest perfection.

Crankster said...

How do you propose that a 1Malaysia email account would bring our PM closer to us?

Crankster said...

This was a hysterical piece:

Emails via 1Malaysia account

Joshua Lopez said...

The updates of PM's official appointments will be in the email, opinion polls will be conducted via email. You'll also be invited to dine with the PM as his FB Friends have enjoyed. An email between PM, Government and The Prople.

What's so hard to understand it's functions? The entire government will pay a listening ear and update you on national matters. It's an effective means of communication with every individual rakyat. There will be times that you need to deal with a government agency, the email will help you because you'll have excess to the relevant department and get updates.