Sunday, 26 June 2011

Don't Walk Away From Democracy

More than a week to go and Blitzkrieg* has already been employed.

It started off with the arrests of Parti Sosialis members. Then the roadshows organised by the BERSIH 2.0 steering committee were stormed and closed off to public.

Now, they are proceeding with the arrests of the committee members.

The news on the ground is that Haris Ibrahim is the next on the hit-list. The info I have received is that he will be detained either today or in the coming days.

Please pray for Haris. I have never really been religious, but these are tough times and those who have put more effort in making this country a better place deserve all the support they can get.

This rally has garnered the most amount of attention from the authorities. I suspect this is going to be the biggest event we have ever had politically.

Probably the most important as well.

This is why it it even more important for the rest of us to continue the fight for justice.

*The classic interpretation of blitzkrieg is that of German tactical and operational methodology in the first half of the Second World War that was often hailed as a new method of warfare. The word, meaning "lightning war", in its strategic means is associated with a series of quick and decisive short battles to deliver a knockout blow to an enemy state before it could fully mobilize.


Anonymous said...

ok, let's jom !

masterwordsmith said...

Keep the flag flying high and our spirits will soar!!

Take care and God bless you, Malaysians and Malaysia!

Joshua Lopez said...

Crankster, why does the venue state as; "Kuala Lumpur"? Where is the exact venue in KL? I notice all the BERSIH Adverts do not state the exact Venue, it just states KL. Please Advice.

Crankster said...

MWS - God bless you too!

Joshua Lopez - I think there are 3 meeting points, but the police are bound to block them. We always end up with ad-hoc plans anyway.