Thursday, 30 June 2011

Guess Who Won Brownie Points?


PETALING JAYA: PKR Youth has a very simple tactic to counter Umno Youth's provocations - simply ignore them.

Last night, Umno Youth supporters on motorcycles gathered at PKR headquarters threatening to burn down the building and demanding that the party withdraw its support for Bersih's planned rally.

PKR Youth deputy chief, Khairul Anuar Ahmad Zainuddin, refused to be goaded, saying they will not retaliate to Umno Youth's provocations.

"They will not threaten us into this kind of confrontational politics. We are very clear about our objective," he said.

"The July 9 rally is to call for electoral reforms. It is not to fight against Umno Youth, Perkasa or the police. We will not be distracted by provocative acts. We will keep our focus," he added.

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