Monday, 6 June 2011

Mainstream Media Dizzy About Crime Rate

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Bernama and The Star cannot agree.

Both claim that the crime rate has dropped, but they cannot agree with each other on whether the public perception of the police force has improved or not.

Bernama has Muhyiddin complaining that the public is still not convinced.

Meanwhile, The Star, in a fit of optimism thinks that public perception of the police force has improved.

Seriously, how could public perception of the police force improve when
a) kidnapped children have not been found?
b) police stations in dodgy parts of town are closed down because it is deemed "too dangerous for the policemen"
c) there are so many deaths in custody
d) even the acid-splasher who made numerous visits hasn't been caught

How could people take the police force seriously when it busies itself instead with investigating the personal life of Opposition politicians?

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Joshua Lopez said...

And Please let me add in, how come the obesity rate among our uniformed forces is so high? What can they do during an emergency? They can't even solve national security issues!