Saturday, 30 July 2011

"Abuse Of Online Platform"

The idiot agency has been busy as usual, spinning for their master.

The latest is about Najib lamenting the "abuse" of his online platforms, most noticeably Facebook. If you don't know what this is about, read THIS.

Poor Najib. He's just not smart enough to differentiate between 'abuse' and 'feedback'.

You can't see the future more clearly than on your Facebook, stupid.


Anonymous said...

it seems 'diam lar' writer in pm's FB
might be arrested !?

jugular said...

I love the fact that 'diam lar' which means 'shut up' in Bahasa Melayu is an anagram of the English phrase 'dam liar' *chuckle*

jugular said...
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jugular said...

So he could have posted "diam lar, dam liar"!!!!

Crankster said...

LOL. I didn't think of that, jugular.

Anon - I wouldn't be surprised by the news given how Namewee was victimised.