Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bernama Has A Bizarre Sense Of Humour

The guiding light of the true journalist: accuracy.

Now this is ironic because Bernama almost NEVER reports any bit of news accurately, at least where politics is concerned.

And a priceless gem from the PM:

He said while the internet made it easier than ever to get a story out first, it also made it easier than ever for the readers to know of a journalist who did not get it right.

"It allows them to rapidly check facts, analyse claims and decide for themselves about the truth of the matter.

"And once your readers decide that your reporting is not accurate and cannot be trusted, you will find that they very quickly cease to be your readers at all," he said at the National Press Club (NPC)-Naza Awards 2011 here Monday night.

I guess they have already deduced why no one reads The Star and New Straits Times anymore :-)


zorro said...

Good rabbit punch where it hurts, girl.

Crankster said...

Thanks, Uncle B.