Sunday, 24 July 2011

Candlelight Vigil for PSM 6

I just got back from the candlelight vigil in solidarity with the Parti Sosialis Malaysia activists who are being held under the emergency ordinance for "waging war against the King".

It wasn't a great turn-out, perhaps because it has been held almost every day to demand the release of these activists.

About 70 people showed up including those standing around the sides. It could have been better.

Of course, the cops had to show up as well, but they only stood along the sidelines and didn't rush the crowd.

People took turns to share their opinions and to encourage each other in the fight for justice and to end oppression. The PSM 6 are being bullied by the authorities and are kept as an example to those who dare defy them.

But we will not bow to this sort of pressure. This is even more reason for us to demand the release of our fellow comrades.

We need you to stand with us - from the oldest to the youngest.

This kid will know the meaning of democracy when she grows up, unlike the millions of apathetic Malaysians making an existence today.


Antares said...

All of you do yourselves proud to keep the flame of freedom burning while our brothers and sisters from PSM are trapped in a surreal limbo where demons lurk. Abominable state of affairs, to put it mildly.

masterwordsmith said...

Thank you, Crankshaft, for being there. Please stand in proxy for me, dear friend and light a candle for me the next time you go.

Thanks!!! Take care and God bless!

Love the pics!

Crankster said...

Thanks Antares and Masterwordsmith. Love you both.