Saturday, 16 July 2011

"Deliberate Campaign To Undermine The Police"

According to our favourite news agency, Bernama:

Certain quarters have launched a deliberate campaign to undermine the police by claiming that they had resorted to violence to quell the July 9 illegal rally, said Deputy Inspector-General of Police.

Lots of you were out there on the streets that day.

Tell me, did you not see police brutality on that day?

And those of you who watched those videos, did you not see it with your own eyes??


Antares said...

The Deputy PIG Khalid Abu Bakar was promoted because of his callous indifference to public opinion. He behaved atrociously during the November 2008 candle vigils against the ISA, lied miserably about the way Kugan died in police custody (right under his nose), and was abominable to the JERIT cyclists. Khalid also performed incompetently during the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide which claimed 5 lives and his immense lack of goodwill towards the public is exactly what UMNO deems as the qualities required for a top job with the UMNO Keystone Kops.

Anonymous said...

bn : " those photos are all doctored ones lah ! "

csl : yes lah , from certain angles if you take the photos , cannon-water
& tear-gas canisters were fired into TS hospital , dun trust the opposition pls ...TRUST us, ok ?