Friday, 22 July 2011

Driven To Suicide?

I'm really very curious to know who in Malaysia actually believes that.

Teoh Beng Hock was not a criminal. He had nothing to hide. His boss Ean Yong was cleared of any wrong-doing.

Moreover, he was due to be married the next day to the woman who was carrying his child.

NOTHING, and absolutely NOTHING in my opinion, would have driven him to suicide.

The RCI can conjure up anything, but the public know the truth.


Anonymous said...

The gutless RCI says that TBH was driven to suicide. That means MACC should not be absolved of any blame in his death but is confirmed the directly responsible party. Therefore murderous MACC must be charged and prosecuted for his demise. And the buck stops at BN.

Pat said...

I won't ever believe that that boy committed suicide, no matter what the report says, no matter what 'evidence' they continue to uncover.

That boy was murdered - any fool can see that.

Anonymous said...

Macc officers tak mau report to polis of the tragic incident becasue : " ini BUKAN tugas kami sebab dia tidak mati di pejabat kami ! "

NO wonder lah : young & healthy TBH has to be THROWN out after he was killed there !!

Ini BUKAN Suicide-Diri , tau kah,
RCI ....TUHAN sudah tau !!

STEEST said...

Driven to suicide? Hmmmm bit difficult to swallow lah.

Driven to stupidity? Yes, evidence all over the MSM.

Donplaypuks® said...

Justice James Foong ought to be thoroughly ashamed of himself. He should resign from the judiciary.

The ball was clearly in his court and he comes up with a shocking verdict.

You can see where the Sarbaini's inquest is going with that scurillous Shafee's manipulation that "it's not murder and it's not suicide" crap! Another cop out in the offing!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Crankster said...

Pat - most Malaysian except the willfully stupid can see he was murdered.

Lita - I like that: driven to stupidity

DPP - most of the judiciary have no honour and dignity. The government has them by the balls.

Hitam Had said...

The underlying message coming from the RCI is that if you are a "guest" of this repressive authoritarian excuse of a democratic government, you WILL be driven to suicide by its minions if they choose to please their political masters; for whatever reasons.


Joshua Lopez said...

And PM says that we should not question RCI's findings?! WTF is he talking about? Did we elect a Parental Government?! Who The Fuck does he think he is to shut us up this way?!

Crankster said...

All I can say is that we didn't elect this current government. They have forced themselves upon us.