Sunday, 17 July 2011

God Save The Queen! :-)

Everyone is up in excitement over Her Majesty's outfit.

In fact, someone even mentioned that the flowers in the background are also yellow in colour!

I can explain the flowers. It is most likely that the flowers would have been chosen to match the Queen's dress. There are in-house consultants for this sort of thing, as celebrities (especially Royals) thrive on a positive public image.

However, the dress is a little hard to explain. I am sure the Queen would have been briefed on the recent history and current events of Malaysia prior to Najib's visit.

For an impartial stand politically, I would have expected the Queen to have worn something other than yellow. More startling is the fact that the Queen tends to wear pastel colours, while this outfit is anything but.

It would actually have been polite to have removed anything remotely yellow if she was to be politically neutral.

Perhaps the Queen actually has an opinion on the state of democracy in this country.


Anonymous said...

your majesty, wat lah you why like dat, @#$%^&*... you know very well i hate YELLOW but you purposely give me NO face .... how am i going to face Ambiga ... too much lah you !

( the word verification : tetomati !
really funny )

jugular said...

I have no doubt that Lizzie knew exactly what she was doing. She always does her homework and would have been briefed thoroughly about the current scene in Malaysia. She's a very smart person, not like at least one of her egregious offspring.

I can just picture the smile on her face as she pulled that dress out of the wardrobe that day.

Joshua Lopez said...

Naughty Granny, She knew exactly what she was doing! ROTFL!

Anonymous said...

NOW, the foaming mentri of youth :
" Ambiga is fully responsible for the death of one BERSIH marcher ! ( sinchew )

Anonymous said...

QE: hey,they are having fun on my YELLOW dress !
pm : I tahu ! just they wait till i balik !

jugular said...

I still think my photo was better.

Crankster said...

Jugular - This photo is same as the one on your site!

jugular said...

Ahhhh, no it's not. There are some subtle differences. You must have been distracted again. ;)