Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Good Move By The Malaysian Government

I am shocked. A huge fraction of my politically apathetic friends have been converted to the right path ;-)

Now, these are the people who love saying that politics is dirty and that they'd prefer to stay as far away from it as possible.

Thanks to the roadblocks running up to the rally, Bersih 2.0 steering committee did not need to put out advertisements. The government did it on their behalf.

Tanks of petrol were consumed, legs were aching from alternating between clutch and accelerator, there was severe exhaustion, bad manners on the road - well, those have imprinted into the minds of the average citizen that there is something very rotten about the government.

Thanks to the roadblocks, I had a colleague ask me, "Bersih 2.0? What is it - an environmental effort?"

Never too late, I thought, before explaining exactly what the cause behind this rally was.

Suddenly, political awareness mushroomed like never before. No other rally had ever brought out this amount of interest.

This is by far the biggest rally I have ever attended - it attracted people from all walks of life.


Anonymous said...

Pope : " Welcome ! sinners from malaysia ! "

Antares said...
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Antares said...

Absolutely right, Cranky! Admittedly, all the keris-wielding and silat-displaying gave the whole event a dark and dangerous edge. We all know Najib is a desperate man pretending to lead a desperate bunch of white-collar crooks who have embezzled (privatized is the polite word, I believe) billions, if not trillions, of public money over the past few decades - and in the process they have systematically destroyed every single institution in the nation, the worst instance undoubtedly being the PDRM. Everybody was nervous, even the Bersih 2.0 committee - and I'm sure all of them were bracing themselves for that scary moment when a mob of SB officers would show up at some ungodly hour and drag you groggy from the safety and comfort of your own home to an unknown fate. Therein lies the greatest of all evil laws, the ones that allow the police to arrest anyone at whim and detain them without trial. The rakyat is forced to fearlessly defy or be forever cowed by a jackbooted junta. Realizing BN had given us no choice, we overcame our anxiety and went anyway. I didn't feel compelled to be in the frontlines facing off with the FRU. It was enough for me to be in the midst of the exhilarating mixture of tension and pride at seeing my fellow Malaysians liberated at long last from fear of (false) authority and the hideous (and also fake) specter of May 13 conjured by the father of our benighted crime minister. Mr Pink Lips.

Joshua Lopez said...

What happened on Saturday was Truely One Malaysia, it made me really emotional seeing real life Malaysian Spirit. That Aunty Of Liberty made me cry and i can't stop thinking of her.

To Anon, The Vatican has been for years wanting to build official ties with Malaysia and set up Her Embassy here. Najib has taken this out from the drawers and decided to work on this in favour of his leadership.

Yes, Roman Catholics are in absolute fury as to why Archbishop Tan Sri Datuk Murphy Pakiam has accepted PM's offer of being one of The Official Delegate with the PM to Pope's Summer Palace.

I think Murphy is caught in the Middle here but really i feel it's bad timming. The Church has been facing pragmatic persecution for way to long and it's only getting worse. Now with utmost fury towards the government especially after 'The BERSIH Awakening', I strongly feel that Murphy should stay away from this mission. He may be of the opinion that having official Vatican ties here (which is enjoyed by Singapore) would be fruitful but really it's bad timming.