Sunday, 10 July 2011

Have You Seen A Tear Gas Canister?

Now you have.

To those of you who were hit by that choking sensation when some metal thing fell next to you, this is what holds the gas chemicals.

This particular one was manufactured in 2005.

Apparently, when the canister is fired, the top comes off and the gas is released from the hole in the middle.

The corrosion at the edge of the cylinder head should be sufficient to demonstrate how potent this stuff is.

Thanks to Sekaran for displaying his prized memento :-)


jugular said...

Did anyone in Bersih know how to neuter these things? I'm sure there's something on t'internet.

Crankster said...

Peter Kay :-) the joys of t'internet.

It's pretty hot when it's just been fired and the smoke billowing out of it can be quite discouraging.

I saw a few men sacrifice themselves to stamp it out as it reduces the amount of gas that comes out of the canister. It cannot have been comfortable at all. Actually, I was quite touched, knowing how painful it can be.

Anonymous said...

Wear gloves. Put the canister in a plastic container and cap it and throw back at them.