Friday, 8 July 2011

See How They Cheat

To all those gullible people out there who think that the government is no worse than any other: watch this and tell me if we have free and fair elections or not.


Antares said...

Can't fool the digital savvy generation, no way! :-)

jugular said...

What's the significance of the 1155? I assume these are all 'phantom' voters.
As they say "Vote early and vote often". :) I'm sure some of that goes on in Oz too.

Crankster said...

Ant - seeing is believing, yo! ;-)

jugular - the 1155 is the house number, the rest are the parliamentary constituency, DUN, district and locality.

Based on this electoral role, there are 88 people living in 1155 Kg Bagan Serai.

Now that must be one big-ass house to fit in 88 people of different races.

Someone actually went and checked - this house does not exist.

jugular said...

Hahaha.... BN are obviously a lot worse than the Labor(sic)(stupid Seppo spelling) Party in Oz.