Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Serious Repercussions

It really looks like Najib has bitten off far more than he can chew.

The rally on the 9th could have easily been a forgotten affair by now had Najib joined in and promised electoral reforms or merely allowed the rally.

You could not pay me enough to be in Najib's shoes right now. It must be totally shameful to be booed by one's own countrymen in a foreign country.

It must have been awkward meeting a yellow-clad Queen.

Then it all looked fine when he met the Pope.

But the embarrassment came from his own government this time, or rather his government mouth-piece - the rag called Utusan Malaysia.

There is no limit to Utusan Malaysia's ludicrous claims - you and I know that - but this one is a special little gem:

'When the drums are pounded hard in the name of human rights, the pro-Jewish people will have their best opportunity to interfere in any Islamic country. We might not realize that the enthusiasm to support actions such as demonstrations will cause us to help foreign groups succeed in their mission of controlling this country.'

Yep. When in doubt, always create a Jewish conspiracy.

This is not working to Najib's benefit though. I can imagine he might have been just a little mortified in the presence of people far more intelligent than his fellow UMNO goons.

It's too late now, but if only Najib had made wiser decisions prior to the rally, things would have been far different.

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